Short Review of 2020

2020 review by a wedding photographer from Coventry about a difficult year, lockdown, new opportunities, weddings in 2020 and future in wedding photography.



1st wedding of 2020

This year I’ve started on 2nd January. A bit unusual date for a wedding, isn’t it? Anyway, it was a new place for me – Hogarth Hotel near Solihull, and my wedding couple was lovely too. That’s why I decided to shorten my “Christmas holiday”  Hogarts Hotel Solihull  


Portrait photo sessions

Begining of every single year is not so busy, so I have an opportunity to create more portraits in my photography studio.  Rest of the year until late autumn is reserved for wedding photography only. portrait photography Coventry  


Manor Hotel Meriden

In the middle of a storm Dennis, together with Tommy James Photography have a pleasure to create some epic photos for this lovely couple. Some weeks later one from images won the Master Photographers Association award.   


Master Photographer Association’s award. Best photo of the year.

The first time in MPA history, winners announcement was organised online due to national lockdown. I couldn’t take a part in the event but… in the same evening, I’ve received an email from MPA with fantastic info that 2 of my photos were merited and one won an award for the best wedding photo in 2020. It gives me a lot of motivation to work harder, unfortunately, due to governments decisions, I couldn’t do anything. More about Master Photographers Association award here



First proper holiday since 2014. I found many good points of the lockdown in a very short time. I found some more opportunities to keep some income from photography.  The first moment was terrible, the awareness that my wedding photography business shut down for an unknown period of time. There was a hope that in the autumn time everything will back to normality. And now at the end of the year, we know that it didn’t. 40 weddings have been postponed to 2021 and 2022. I’ve done only 5 weddings. Well, not my fault. Instead of wedding photography, I moved into some commercial photos which help to run the business and cover the costs. What more, I wasn’t eligible for any government’s support 🙂 Thank you.   


The new reality, new opportunities

As I wrote above. I didn’t get support for the government and my photography business has to remain closed until summertime. I couldn’t work with clients but I could work for them. Product photography for e-commerce was the solution to keep everything on a good track. Not what I love but always something to do. beside commercial photos, I had a lot of time for my personal photography projects and education of the new generation of photographers. One of them looks a bit boring but older took a photo below.  

Weddings 2020

Some of my wedding couples have decided to get married even with the restrictions. Finally, I had a chance for more than 1 wedding in 2020.




What next?

Hmm, I love wedding photography and I would like to continue my hard work in the industry. Unfortunately, the government will decide if I will have a chance to create great wedding photo stories for my couples or not. My calendar for 2021 is nearly full. In 2020 I had many weddings to do, I’ve done only 5. Is this year will be better? nobody knows at the moment. Some of the weddings have been already postponed to 2022. Anyway, I’m still here ready to start what I love.