I’m photographer who always create great photos for You, beside this, I’m partner, I’m father of 2 daughters, I’m person like You are. I have family life, as a teenager when I was in art school, I loved painting landscapes, and drawing people. I loved creating unusual world of art. After some years of artistic evolution, finally I found my way not as an artist with paint brush in my hand but as an artist with a photo camera. Previous artistic education, and requiring classes in photography in high school and at the university lift my photographic skills on high level.
  • Over 10 years of experience

  • 400+ successfully executed wedding sessions

Marek Kuźlik

Founder of MK Wedding Photography

Working with the client

A wedding photographer is a person who will be with you number of hours on the most important day of your life. Make sure that will be the right person. During a wedding day, I don’t play the main role at the wedding, you do! I always try to be “invisible” for you… and capture amazing images from a distance. I will keep you relaxed in front of his cameras, and will not set a pose for a number of minutes, I will catch the moment. My friendly nature will have an affect not only on you but your family and friends. I do not have a problem when your guests take photos next to me, sometimes they can get some professional advice.

I co-operate with quality suppliers across the EU to deliver the best quality products for you, like hand made premium wedding photo albums with the best quality prints available on the market. The albums are included in most of the packages or can be purchased separately.

Why you should choose us?

Easy and natural with a touch of creativity – this is the shortest description of MK Wedding Photography. The easy and paperless booking process, Easy wedding day in front of my camera which will give you more time with your guests rather than with me. No posing, and relax.

I’m the owner, and the main photographer in MK Wedding Photography, and Marek Kuzlik Photography. I have started my journey in photography in 2010. In 2018 I became a member of Society of weddings and portrait photographers. I also have an opportunity to photograph tens of wedding yearly across West Midlands, Warwickshire and the rest of the UK.

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