COVID – 19


wedding photography/photographers in Coventry

Everybody is aware of what is going on around and how it’s affecting our daily activities. We have some advice from the government but if you will look around it may not work as expected. That’s why I think in the next couple of days we may expect a lockdown… proper lockdown.  


Weddings April and May vs COVID 19?

As on 17th  March, all hotels in Coventry and sounding area are operating as normal. It means that if you have booked your wedding in the next couple of weeks, it may take place but there is a big risk. So, if you can, try to find the new date in the Autumn or the next year. You still have the time for that. As a wedding photographer from Coventry, I can see some “movement” in this matter… and it increases. I would suggest if you like your suppliers and the venue where you are going to say “I do” – try to find an alternative day for your big day.

How does it look in my case?

My wedding couples from April and may this year have started asking me for free dates in the second part of the year, some of them came to me with new dates already. From a couple of my wedding couples, I still didn’t hear any news. I would suggest to sort this after it ASAP.

What if your wedding supplier won’t cover your new date?

Some photographers from the Coventry area have created a group. The purpose of the group is to help other photographers and generally all our wedding couples. If one from your suppliers won’t be able to cover your wedding day let me know. Together with others, we will try to help. It looks like the second part of the year will be very busy for all wedding suppliers, so it might be a common problem that your current suppliers won’t help you.
OK, let’s try to be safe and I hope to see you in the nearest future. For any updates from MK Wedding Photography look at my Facebook or Blog All the best Marek