Full wedding day – what does it mean

Full day in wedding photography for every single photographer will mean something different. In the next couple of lines, you will get full description what the full day coverage means for MK Wedding Photography – Coventry based wedding photographer, the only approved wedding photographer by Master Photographers Association in the area.    

from start to finish

Hello, good morning, how are you?

Bridal preparation. This is the absolute start of the day.

This is the moment what I’m coming to the venue and create pictures of the bride and bridesmaids, and all around.

Sometimes, I can capture groom preparation too when he is preparing somewhere in the area

Curradine Barns in Worchestershire


Just before

The moment when the veil being fastened, when nearly everything is ready, the time start going faster.


The Ceremony

The final part of months of planning.

The time when the groom sees his beautiful bride first time on the day.

The time for tears, smiles, and sometimes for some stress.

For me, this is the key moment.

Many venues have some restrictions for photographers but it doesn’t stop me from creating full emotional rreportage from every wedding ceremony I attend.


New  Mr & Mrs

Group photos, confetti, family photos, toast and whatever you will ask.

This is the time when stress from the wedding ceremony is replaced by happiness.


Mr, Mrs and I

The time for some creativity, all in my natural non-intrusive style. Always in Master Photographers Standards.

When emotions will go down, this is a good moment to ask my wedding couple for a little walk.


Food and speeches

When the first place will arrive at the top table, that’s a signal for me to have a little break.

The time for a check of what I have done so far and what more I can do for my couple.

And this is the time for a coffee too.

Then we have speeches, every time it looks different and not always I am aware of what will happen.

This part of the day requires to be focused all the time and be ready for an explosion of emotions.


Details of the day

maybe this is not next

west midlands wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography at Shustocke Barn


Guests, Children

Another possibility to capture some nice portraits. Another possibility to enrich the final wedding photo story for my newlywed.


Let’s dance

Very often also the 2nd dance too.

My full-day packages finish after the 1st dance but if I can see people on the dance floor after it, I’m staying a bit longer.


Maybe more photos?

Evening photo session?

If you have me for a premium full day, I am more than happy to take you after the first day for some more photos. Would you?

west midlands wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography at Shustocke barn

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