Hogarths Hotel near Solihull in West Midlands.

A photo story from a winter wedding.


I think it was my second wedding in the last 5 years when the wedding ceremony has started after the sunset. So, everybody who tried to take a photo in the darkness knows how hard it is. In the gallery below, you will find some photos from the day… let’s be honest, from the evening or even better to write – dark night.


Hogarths, a hotel in West Midlands near Solihull. I am happy that I will back there soon. I will have a chance to take some amazing photos in ambient light 🙂 Hogarths is an interesting place for wedding photography and the room where ladies are preparing for the wedding ceremony. I was in December Suit which is also a nice place for photos. 


Stone bridge before the sunset. Next time I will definitely use it as a place for a photoshoot with my wedding couple. In this gallery, you will find some samples of how it looks in the darkness

As always, Mk Wedding Photography creates a story with many details. Always captured in interesting modern style. Do you agree with me?

That’s what I have mentioned in the comment under the first photo in this gallery. Your local wedding photographer from Coventry has put whole effort to produce som outstanding photos in the darkness. The wedding ceremony has finished 45 minutes after the sunset. We had to use torches to get to the bridge. It was 2nd day of the new 2020 so, as usually was cold. At this point, I would like to thank my wedding couple for that. Without you, I wouldn’t take so nice photos. This is 3 flash composition.

Another night challenge on the bridge. This time group photo. If I look from a technical point of view, I have to say that’s a masterpiece. especially, if you work in total darkness and you have 2-3 minutes to take that kind of photos.

Extremely popular photo from Gogarth Hotel. I think that setup is the most popular, especially if you are looking for some photos from the venue on Google

I would say, pure MK Wedding Photography. Natural photo with great lighting. One from my favourite ones from preparation to the wedding ceremony.

The final touch before we go.

Awaiting the bridal party entrance. That was this moment just before. The silence around, everybody without any movement was waiting for fr the moment when one from bridesmaids will enter the room. I was behind the groom who was viewing from side to side and I spotted this gentleman in front of him. Good idea, quick decision and a quite interesting, modern photo was nearly ready.

Breaking tradition and old-style static photos of a wedding couple signing the registry book.

Signing the registry book from different angle. A different perspective, some playing with shallow depth of field, natural not posed people in front of my lens, and clickkkk 🙂

Some fun during evening/night photos at Gogarth near Solihull. For me it was a really good time with some good photos. if I look at the circumstances, the photos are just amazing

beautiful wedding photos at Hogarths Solihull

Simple and beautiful at the same time. MK Wedding Photography belongs to the group of creative photographers in West Midlands. Besides showing a wedding day as it is, I always try to add something special to the photos. In this example, a simple shot of wedding flowers but… Have a look at nice smooth side light coming from a large window which finally reflects in the glass tabletop. Simple and effective photos. The rounded shape of the flowers cooperate with the rounded shape of the table and reflection. Darker tones of the background separate the main object. …

     wedding rings by MK Wedding Photography


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