Master Photographers Association – MK Wedding Photography

is a certified professional.

What does it mean for you?

Let’s go straight to the main thing. What does that mean that Mk Wedding Photography is certified professional in MPA? What are the benefits for you?  I think we have to start from the very beginning. What is the MPA – Master Photographers Association? – THE MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION IS THE QUALIFYING BODY FOR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS. – UK’s leading qualification body exclusively for the professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographers. MPA gives the guarantee that a photographer who belongs to the association will give to its clients, in my case to my wedding couples the highest professional service you might expect…  or even better… photographers who are in MPA are “recognised leaders in setting the standards of professional photography today.”

Even more benefits.

  • All of MPA’s certified professional photographers are fully insured. We have Liability and Indemnity insurance and it gives you peace of mind is something will happen.
  • you can feel safe in our environment because of our professional procedures and code of conduct. In my case, s photos list is one from little things which helps a lot during your wedding day.
  • we take nice photos 🙂 
  • As leaders in our industry, we cooperate with each other to become even better.