Master Photographers Association  AWARDS 2020- the winner is…

!!! MK Wedding Photography has won an award – MPA Regional Awards 2020 in Wedding category !!!

From hundreds of photos sent to The MPA my wedding photo from the beginning of this year has been awarded. My photo won the Regional Competition 2020. My photo is the best in the West Midlands region.

I have been selected from hundreds of wedding photographers from the West Midlands area. My photo has been picked from hundreds or even thousands of photos.

What’s more.

Other photos have received 2 merits. 


The winner photo. 

Master Photographers Association West Midlands region 2020

The story behind

After many years, I’ve decided to join MPA in January 2020. The process of joining is not simple so it took a lot of time to prepare for qualification. I felt that I was good enough to be a member of the biggest and the most important association for photographers in the UK. One day I have received info from the chair of the MPA that I have been approved by them. Sometime after, I have been asked to submit some photos for Regional Awards 2020. I couldn’t miss that.  One day, I have submitted 10 photos and to be honest, I forgot about it. Being in the wedding industry for a while I had a chance to meet some photographers especially from West Midlands region who were big figures in the MPA…. hello Andrew, hello David (they were the best photographers in the UK, one of them still is.) I am aware that submitted photos for the annual competition were good but… not good enough to win something.  

I missed winners announcement

In the evening 18th May 2020, the main judge has announced all the winners in the photography industry for 2020. Every year there is a party where hundreds of competitors meet in one place. In this year, unfortunately, due to the lockdown, everything was online..but live. And I missed that. Anyway, MPA has emailed me with good news. Hurra!!!! Wow – MK Wedding Photography from Coventry is has created the best wedding photo in West Midlands 🙂   Visit my Facebook Page – Facebook Instagram Blog