Portrait photography on lavender fields in Cotswold.

MK Wedding Photography

  April 2020, finally we have some sun in the UK and on this occasion, you will find some sunny portraits from lavender fields in Cotswold. Photos have been taken last summer – is too early for lavender and we are lockdown due to… (add whatever you want, I can’t publically say what I think).     Last year, during a break between one wedding and another my family, had a day off on lavender fields somewhere in Cotswold. The famous fields in the UK, so if the country will be “unlocked” you can easily find the place on the internet and go there. In the previous blog, I gave you some advice how to improve photos you takes with your mobile phone. I am pretty sure the lavender fields will be a nice place to test those tips. The link to the blog you will find in here (YOU CAN TAKE BETTER PHOTOS WITH YOUR PHONE TOO)