The best wedding photos of 2019


presented by MK Wedding Photography – Coventry / West Midlands based wedding photographer. The only one in Coventry certified by The Master Photographers Association. 

  OK, Possibly you have seen all those photos in the past months somewhere on social media or even my website. Today, all of them are in one place. In the blog created by one from the best wedding photographers in Coventry, West Midlands. Do not scroll down. Reserve a minute more to read all comments under photos. It will show you the way I was selecting photos to this set. For more photos visit my Instagram or Facebook  
Wootton Park by MK Wedding Photography

MK Wedding Photography at Wootton Park. What I like in this photo is a blend of soft ambient light reflecting in the water, and strong flashlight lighting the bride and groom form the opposite side. Playing with some settings and additional sources of light, I was able to create an interesting image on a “grey” day.

the best wedding photographer west midlands

Not often wedding photographers present photos from bridal preparation as the best wedding photos 🙂 well, why this photo is here? because of the tension, rush, focus and emotions that accompany the last minute before the wedding ceremony. Two daughters were helping mum with the shoes… The photo is nice from the technical point of view too. Nice open, dynamic composition giving some extra drama and energy to the image. contrast and mix of textures… I could ask… cany you feel it? 🙂

Just a wedding fun

Just a wedding fun – I took hundreds of better photos (technically and visually) in 2019 but… I love this photo because the story is funny. And watching other top wedding photographers around me, I do not see funny photos, so I am going to break tradition – In the best photos of 2019, I have one funny photo in my selection.

St Mary's Guild Hall, Coventry

St Mary’s Guild Hall, Coventry. Classic wedding photo… The bride and groom signing registry book… but In my opinion, this is one of the best wedding photos of 2019 because… I was able to kick a very traditional wedding photo to the next level because of lighting and composition.

Oak Farm Hotel, Cannock. Winter 2019. Why I have picked this photo as one from the best wedding photos in 2019? Because of the challenge, I had to face during this photo session and generally, I like the final effect. The first thing was… a concept of the photos. I have created it in my mind during a walk around when I came to the venue. I knew that I will have very limited time… if I will have any – due to the weather on the day. But finally, we get there. The main light hit the bride and groom, 2nd Speedlite from Godox – lit the tree and brought some details. the 3rd Godox gave a strip of light far behind the bride and groom. 

wedding photography, group photos

Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry. For me, the best group photo I ever took in my career as a wedding photographer. The request was to take a simple photo of the wedding couple with the best man and other gentlemen in the same suits. What had happened you can see in the picture. “Youngster” run into the frame, catch the grooms hand and tried to pull the groom away.


The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey The thunder of emotions. As a wedding photographer, I have to see more than others around. Guests are focusing on registrars and a wedding couple. The wedding couple is focusing on each other and me… MK Wedding Photography is focusing on everything that is going on around. I am chasing emotions, tears, laughter and all that will be interesting in the final wedding photo story I deliver for my wedding couple.


Chesterton Windmill, Warwick. The photo is here… because I love this place. Begining of 2019, cold and windy day and again, only a couple of minutes to create a selection of photos for my wedding couple. This one was one from the last I took there before we have moved to Warwick House.

classical brides portrait

A great sample of a classic portrait of the bride.

natural wedding photography west midlands

Wootton Park, one from my the best photos from 2019.

Nuthurst Grange Hotel, Solihull. I think this is one of my favourites photos of 2019. A long time ago, when I was at the Uni, I saw a photo of a couple in the dark wood, where I could feel the power of nature… and I wanted to create my own version of it. I would say that the photo would look better if I would use a wider angle lens. What do you think? Write a comment on Facebook under this post.

Ullesthrope Court Hotel, Hinckley. Sunset walk. The best? maybe the 2nd one. A couple walking towards the camera, there is a kind of interaction between them – My wedding couple didn’t look straight into the camera. Flash in the right position – gave nice dramatic light. And finally the sunset in the background. All together it gives… something different, something interesting. More about this session in here…

St Marys Guild Hall Coventry city Centre

St Marys Guild Hall Coventry City Centre. One from a series of photos created in this staircase. Off course, off-camera flash in use to light the couple.

the best wedding photographer in coventry west midlands

Can you imagine that this photo has been taken in the afternoon, not in the evening??? It is only one from a series of photos shot in the same style and technique.


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