The first wedding after the lockdown – looking for some normality.


Wedding photography in lockdown.

This was the second wedding in 2020, it was August. In normal time, it should be the middle of the wedding season. However, I and all other wedding photographers from Coventry, West Midlands, UK had unplanned, unpaid “holiday”.  Yes, most of us have been left by the government by Boris Johnson without any penny. But that’s not about it. This blog will be about big happiness, big smile and big love.  

2nd wedding in 2020

The wedding took place at Greek Orthodox Church Of The Holy Transfiguration in Coventry. Thanks to Father Theo who was just amazing during the wedding ceremony and brought a lot of optimism for all of us who just recovered from national slavery. The wedding ceremony in the Orthodox church was a very new experience for all who attended the event. I was looking for some tips from my friends because I didn’t know what to expect. That was a challenge… and I love challenges. Hotels in and around Coventry were still partially closed and couldn’t organise any happy events like weddings. But my couple had a very nice solution to the problem. At a private land, you can do whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want. So, soon after the wedding ceremony, we all have moved to a hidden place in Warwickshire’s countryside. Your the best wedding photographer in Coventry had a great environment to take photos, and my wedding couple and their guests had a chance to celebrate their wedding day as it should be.  

Seconds before the bride entrance. The face of the groom full of emotions, maybe uncertainty. But one thing is sure, he was full of positive thoughts and happiness.


Having amazing sidelight at the Orthodox church in Coventry my job was easier than in places where is lack of good lighting.

Details. I always repeating that photos of the details will work after yers when my wedding couple and their families will remember only the main events, the bigger part of the day. Then when they will look back into the photo album or digital files, they will discover the day one more time. Natural wedding portrait at a wide-angle.  I asked my wedding couple to walk up a little hill. In this photo, I wanted to have the sun behind them in the background. To balance strong ambient light, I needed a very strong source of light. I asked the best man for a little help. He kept the flashlight and walked in front of the wedding couple. I was on the field and I tried to capture newlyweds from a low position. Finally, we have a bright, natural, unposed photo with a nice landscape behind.   Group family photo. This is a challenge for all wedding photographers. This time the “team” was awsome and we could easily play more. Taht’s why even wedding group photo can be interesting and dynamic. Little, unpredicted moments can enrich the wedding photo story. Sisters. In the MK Wedding Photography’s blog, I added only two pictures of playing sisters. They felt so natural in front of my camera and they wanted to be there much longer. In the end, I had around 30 edited images only from this moment.   MK Wedding Photography is the only wedding photographer in Coventry approved by Master Photographer Association. If you are getting married in the future and you consider to have the best possible specialists in the wedding industry, why do not have a chat with MK Wedding Photography about available packages? That’s the man covered by the biggest association for professional photographers.