This is a tragedy – think what you are paying for in wedding photography.

Before I start, I have to mention that not everybody has to like my photos. I am not the best photographer in the world. My knowledge about photography isn’t the best in the world, however, I can consistently deliver quality photos to ALL my wedding couples, doesn’t matter where I photograph and what lighting condition will be there. ALWAYS the same – high level…. (of course you will find some worse photos from me 🙂 ) We have to understand that even the best modern photo equipment isn’t perfect BUT if you know how to use it and you know how to edit photos (if a photographer does it) we can cover those things.  

OK, why the title of the blog is “This is a tragedy”?

Today, 30th January 2020 one from friends – photographers have sent me a link to a Facebook post of one from local wedding photographers. He added… Marek, sit before you click the link.  I sat after I clicked the link.  “PRO” wedding photographer who has started wedding photography a long time before I came to the UK has published a gallery with some photos from a wedding day. Autumn wedding. The time of the year is usually better than in the summertime. It’s mean, it is easier to take nice, more interesting photos than in the middle of the summer. That are technical things, so I won’t go forward with it…  The photos in the gallery published this morning by the photographer are like photos taken on a smartphone…. but not the modern one. The old one with 2MP camera. Someone paid around £800-£1000 for a set of photos technically bad, like from poor phone. A random composition, after many many years in photography someone hasn’t fundamental knowledge about it. That’s very, very sad. Especially if someone pays for it. Pay a big amount of money.  

Photographer’s portfolio vs real wedding photos

  Many couples before hiring a photographer look at his/her portfolio. Based on this experience, future brides and grooms will make the decision to book a photographer or not. I have visited a website of the photographer I am writing about, I have checked his Facebook and I compared that what I saw there to adverts, which I see very often on my Facebook… bad targeting. And… 🙁  Different photos in the portfolio and adverts (and photo albums presented on the wedding shows) –> different photos in real wedding galleries. Sad. Be careful who you are going to choose as your wedding photographer. Marek, MK Wedding Photography