possibly, the most famous wedding venue in Coventry area

Wedding at Coombe Abbey Hotel is definitely a spectacular event, especially for those wedding guests who visit this place the first time. Coombe Abbey is located less than 6 miles from Coventry town centre on the Eastside. There is no public access to the hotel but park around is well known by most of the people living in the area because is open for visitors. What is interesting, from 2019 we have Go Ape in the park. Maybe one day, my wedding couple will ake me to take some wedding photos there 🙂

I do not want to write about the history of the place, many nice interesting things you will find on Wikipedia… in here 

OK, let’s back to the wedding day at Coombe Abbey. Wedding day in the middle of the summer. Nice and worm with a little hail just after we finished most of the photos.

Besides a memory from the morning preparation to the wedding day at Coombe Abbey, this photo is an excellent example of how I can use different sources of light to create an interesting image.

simple and beautiful. Isn’t it? natural light, natural shot. That what you need.

Wow, wow, wow a couple of minutes before, we had a nearly clear sky, temperature around 25 Celcius and nobody has expected to see this in the middle of the sumer.

Confetti on West terrace at Coombe Abbey. As always in my case, no “staging” pure natural and full of energy photos. Photos on high technical level. That’s why those people choose MK Wedding Photography

In group photos, the background is very important. I would say it is more than 50 per cent of the image. In here fantastic view for a garden and a lake at Coombe Abbey.

A different perspective than in the previous photo has changed everything. Look at how all lines go straight to the centre during the focus point on the bride and those 2 gentleman

Emotions? Trust me, this photo and thousands of similar showing emotions will make you laugh or cry even after many years after your wedding day. I can imagine that you do not feel anything looking at this photo. You can see to unknown people but imagine that the lady in the picture would be your mother. Will it work as I wrote?

A walk on the bridge at the most popular park in Coventry. A photo captured by one from the best wedding photographers in Coventry. Definitely, the only photographer approved by MPA

That’s me. Knocked out by running guys 🙂

More group photos. this time with a different background. Have a look at my Instagram for more photos from this place. Some action shots will be there…

Simple and interesting way on the way back to the hotel of how to use a puddle 🙂 it would be better to ask the couple to come closer to the edge of the water but… wedding dresses are very expensive 🙁

The bridge at Coombe Abbey park from a different angle.

When the atmosphere at the wedding is nice, why do not play with wedding guests a little bit more? All my couples know that Mk Wedding Photography isn’t a fan of static, staged photos. Trowing hats at Coombe Abbey

If you have seen Mk Wedding Photography photo stories before, you know that I put a lot of effort to show a lot of details from a wedding day. Key things which are worth a lot for my wedding couples and makes their days.