Curradine Barns Wedding

  Wedding day at Curradine Barns. This time a little bit farther away from my office in Coventry. It was a very new wedding venue for me. I had a lot of weddings in Worchestershire including an amazing Stanbrook Abbey Hotel but I didn’t hear about Curradine Barns before. For MK Wedding Photography it was a great pleasure to work at such an amazing venue hidden between little hills in the countryside near Worchester. I had the pleasure to meet Graham from Two Towers Media talented video man from Oxfordshire. You can see a highlight movie from this wedding at my MK Wedding Photography’s Facebook profile.  I am looking forward to working with Graham in the future… maybe at Curradine Barns again.    
simple beautiful. nicely captured basket full of confetti as a wedding detail

Simple beautiful. nicely captured basket full of confetti as a wedding detail. In my opinion, photos like this enrich your wedding photo story.

Sometime in the morning. A photo, a normal photo, just a click but… The photo looks interesting? Good? So, yes, Good moment, good gear selection, good eye for good light, and the final effect is? good photo


About the day at Curradine Barn

It was a winter wedding, unfortunately without snow. I have to be honest with you. I never had snow at a wedding in the wintertime I photographed in the past. So, if you are getting married in the wintertime and you do not want snow, it looks simple. Hire me! I was kind of guaranteed – no snow at all.  Instead of snow, we had a lot of rain especially after the wedding ceremony, when we had the time for family photos and portraits of the bride and groom. We have decided to postpone our photos.   But we didn’t wait long. The rain stopped, and I took  Mrs & Mr for some photos. As always, I did not try to pose my couple. As always we had a simple and easy session. Then we repeated the same pattern in the evening time.  

MK Wedding Photography

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