Wedding day at Windmill Village Hotel.

It was a sunny and warm morning in the middle of summer last year. Just before I have left my place, I checked if all toys in my photo bag are properly prepared for the challenge of the day- summer wedding day at Windmill Village Hotel. As I expected, the day was sunny, which didn’t help in the creation of nice photos, especially during the staged, group shots. Of course, it didn’t mean they were bad. 
Hi, I am Marek from MK Wedding Photography – the only wedding photographer in Coventry approved by MPA (Master Photographers Association*) based in West Midlands and in today’s story I am presenting you fantastic photo story from the summer wedding day at Windmill Village Hotel in Coventry. Slowly scroll down if you are looking for emotional, natural and technically good wedding photos.  

Windmill Village Hotel is well known for its golf course where nearly every wedding couple can go with a photographer for some wedding portraits. A great place with unlimited possibilities. In this specific place, I took photos of 5-6 couples in the last 2 years and what is nice, all those photos have a different climate due to different time of the year and what is the most important – sun position. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning.

Simple and natural photo from morning preparation presenting a lot of emotions and the general atmosphere around. How we can call it? catching moments?

A part of morning preparation took place at a house. In here, my bride was “fighting” with a bottle of champagne. Below, the result of the fight 🙂

battle completed

somebody is ashamed here. In the beginning, she didn’t like me to take photos of her but later during the day she was in front of my camera quiet often

Classical portrait of the bride looking into the mirror. Pure natural photo with nice side ambient light coming from large French doors.

details. In my opinion, they are very opinion and every wedding photographer should put effort to capture many of them… especially in an interesting way.


*MPA – Master Photographers Associations

What is that and Why I am writing about it?
The MPA is the biggest association for professional photographers in UK. It’s been operating for decades. Not everybody can join their team. MK Wedding Photography is one for those who passed all stages and has been approved by the association. It is not enough to say that I am proud to be on the board.
What does it give for you?
If you are looking for a wedding photographer and you expect from a photographer high standard from beginning to the end… I would recommend finding one who belongs to MPA. This is a kind of warranty for the best service and amazing photos.