Here begins the creation of your dream wedding photo album.

In normal words. I’m inviting you to MK Wedding Photography’s blog to show you what kind of materials and colours my photo album company can use to make your album.

As a one from the leaders in wedding photography in Coventry, I use only leading companies in albums industry. What does mean for you? Imagine, in the next 20,30 years, your grandchildren will ask you while looking at a picture hanging on the wall … granny, granny why do you have a white dress at this picture?… then you will reach for the album, maybe a little dusty but still in perfect condition. you will open it and? Every single natural photo will be like it was printed a minute ago.

best wedding photo albums    

light palette

photo album materials  

earthy palette


Strong colours


Other colours and fabrics

  Please be aware that colours may differ.