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2020 was the year, where all wedding photographers had unplanned “holidays” due to government decisions, but now – 2021 and 2022 became the busiest time in the wedding industry ever. Demand for wedding photographers in Coventry, West Midlands, and Warwickshire hit the top. That’s the main reason why MK Wedding Photography has disappeared from social media life. But now, the wedding photography season is slowing down, and you may expect more blogs available on MK wedding Photography website and more content on my Facebook page and Instagram. Today, I’d like to share a photo story from an Autumn wedding photo session at Coombe Abbey Park in Coventry. One of the most popular places for wedding photography in the Coventry area. It was in October, exactly one week after the wedding day. We’ve met on a windy and cold day but with heads full of ideas and ready for the challenge. Sit comfy and enjoy the photo story I have prepared for you.  
West Midlands wedding photography

Who does not recognize this bridge? Yes, Coombe Abbey park on a picture captured by one of the best West Midlands Wedding Photographers – MK Wedding Photography.

Am I wrong if I say that Coombe Abbey is one of the most beautiful parks in the Coventry area? That’s why this is so popular placce for wedding photo sessions.

That’s what we love in MK Wedding Photography – putting some movement into a static photo.

Wedding photo session at Coombe Abbey

This time a swan was more cooperative and decided to pose 🙂

West midlands Wedding Photographer at Coombe Abbey Hotel

Easy as a walk in the park – Coombe Abbey Park. A great place for a wedding photo session

Wedding photography Coombe Abbey Park
Coombe Abbey Hotel by West Midlands Wedding Photographer

Coombe Abbey Hotel by West Midlands Wedding Photographer

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