Wedding photographer West Midlands – full wedding story – The Welcombe Hotel


Your Coventry Wedding Photographer is presenting you with a full wedding photo story

from the beginning to the end

We have an amazing wedding photo story captured earlier this year at The Welcoombe Hotel, a well-known wedding venue in Stratford upon Avon, only a few miles from Coventry where we are based.

Candid & Creative

All our wedding couples know that if we are going to photograph their wedding we put the whole effort to create a massive photo story with candid photos with a touch of creativity.  We always say – “ignore a photographer”. We have a non-intrusive style as described by one of our couples in a review.  A wedding day is your special day and you won’t feel pressure from us. Sweet and simple.

Preparation is a busy time for you and we won’t interrupt this process. We work from a distance and capture moments which mean a lot to you. And after years when you will look into your luxury album, memories will come back and make you smile.

We have an eye for details that will fill the whole photo story. Here at Mk Wedding Photography after years in wedding photography in West Midlands and Warwickshire, we are aware of what and how we should do.

Your West Midlands wedding photography team will deliver a massive wedding photo story with a mix of color and black & white photos. All are available in an online gallery and as a physical print.

During the main event of the day – the wedding ceremony, we always find the time to capture that what happens behind you.

We at Mk Wedding Photography love to put some movement. Photographi is not a film, That’s a frozen frame but we can add some action to it.

Being at a wedding, we always put effort to show the best of it. As professional photographers from West Midlands, we always scout the venue to find the best places for photos. And it doesn’t matter if we have been at a venue before or we are there the first time.

Evenings – that’s not only the first dance and evening party. If you give us 10 minutes, we can create something special for you. MK Wedding Photography’s photographers will use advanced photography techniques to create outstanding photos for you. We will need only a few minutes with you, we prepare everything before we will ask you to pop in.

MK Wedding Photography – Who we are?

Coventry / West Midlands / Warwickshire-based wedding photographers with long experience and a natural approach to the wedding.  If your wedding photographer shall capture your wedding day in a candid style, it is worth seeing our work and considering us as potential photographers. On top of that, if creativity will be an advantage, definitely click the link below which will take you to my Instagram, where you can see some of the best photos. Mk Wedding Photography – Instagram

Wedding photographer West Midlands – The Welcombe Hotel – MK Wedding Photography