Wedding Photography Guide

8 simple steps to consider before and on your wedding day. This is a little guide on how it works. How MK Wedding Photography works.

1. Initial Contact

You can find us online. On Facebook, Instagram, and Google search, where we are well visible. We do not do wedding shows/fairs. We believe it is better to talk with you individually, where we can focus on your needs rather than give you a leaflet or business card. Our work may attract your attention. The next step may be to contact us. It can be done via our contact form on our wedding photography website or on Facebook Messenger. It may take a little while till we respond. Besides work, we have a private and family life the same as you. However, if you will give us a brief description of how we can help, we will take care of you and explain everything step by step. We will try to remove all your concerns you may have. If you will require personalized samples of our work, we will do this for you. Our goal during the initial chat is to give as much info as possible. We will make sure that you will be aware of what to expect from MK Wedding Photography. We do not tolerate any hidden costs.

2. Booking

Our system is very simple. First, we ask you to submit an agreement form available on our website and then we ask for a deposit which ranges from £150 – £250 depending on the package. Don’t worry, we will not ask you to pay anything before the agreement form. We will not ask for any payment before we send you an invoice. We accept cash, transfers, and crypto payments. Crypto payments come with a 10% discount on all packages. Over the years, we have modified our agreement form to get as much info as we will need before your wedding day. At the same time, we simplified t&c to make them easy to understand. We keep there everything simple.

3. Contact before the wedding day

At the present time, we have many ways of contact. I prefer Zoom conversations or personal meetings. The best place is your wedding venue.  However, if you do not have the time or you do not want to meet me prior to the wedding day, I understand that and it won’t change anything. Before the wedding day, I will inform you about all things I need and I ask you for your expectations. If you have a pre-wedding photo session with us, we will arrange it at some point before the wedding day. We will have a chat about it soon after booking. I will give you some recommendations but you will have the final voice.

4. Creating a list and finding a “photo coordinator”

What list? What coordinator? Before the wedding day, I will ask you to create a list of family photos you want me to take.  You will ask for what? I will answer to reduce the time you will spend on this type of photos. Please trust me. It is worth spending a couple of minutes to create the list and then saves a lot of time on your wedding day. Coordinator? One from your guest who will help manage people during a group session. You even can’t imagine how it will speed the session up. You will hear more about that at the meeting with me.

5. Your wedding day

One of the most important days for you and your other half and I am here to capture a memorable photo story in a non-disturbing manner.

6. Sample Gallery

Soon after your wedding day, a sample gallery will be created for you. It will be the first look at some selected pictures.

7. Full photo story

A couple of weeks from your wedding date, I will upload all photos from your wedding day to the online gallery. You will have access to the gallery from every single device around the globe. You will need an internet connection only. You can share a password with your family and friends.

8. Photos selection

I will ask you to pick a number of photos for your amazing photo album. We will work together to create the album if you will have one in your package. If not, don’t worry, we can look into in after your wedding day.

9. Wedding album

Sometime after your wedding day, you will get an invitation to the full photo story of your wedding day and I will ask you to select photographs for your photo album. Then I will design the layout of your album and send an online project for you to review. Once the project will be approved, I’ll send it for production. The ready product will be available to collect within 3 weeks. I will be updating you during the process.