19 “MUST HAVE” wedding photos for 2020


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A little advice/inspiration for all brides and grooms – what should you expect from your wedding photographer to capture at your wedding day???


1. Bride preparation – Must have wedding photos,

let’s start from the beginning

Bridal preparation, the moment when the wedding day starts. For me, a wedding photographer based in West Midlands who usually photography full day the preparation is the first point of a wedding day too. This is the time when I have a proper chat with ladies, we can exchange some new ideas besides those which we agreed before. This is the time when I can take some amazing photos from the preparation process.  Bridal preparation is a long process, and I have a great opportunity to play a little bit with phots. Close-ups of the bride and other ladies. I also use frames in the wider angle. The purpose of this is to present general life during the preparation. I do this to show all the small stories which finally build the day. Bride preparation by west midlands wedding photographer - MK Wedding Photography  


2. Wedding dress – Must have wedding photos

As a wedding photographer, I am aware of how important for brides the dress is. That’s why my goal is to take some photos of it.  

wedding ceremony at coventry registry office  




4. Wedding venue – Must have wedding photos

Well. I have photographed in many different wedding venues across West Midlands, Warwickshire and to be an honest large part of the UK. That is natural that as a wedding photographer in West Midlands I work mostly in my county. And I think I found here really nice places. Below a photo from Shustoke farm Barn near Birmingham. I’ve been there a couple of months and it was my the first time at this specific wedding venue. Nice lighting. Great structures. I hope to back there in the nearest future. I have to add that generally, I’m not a big fan to photograph weddings all the time at the same place.  Nuthurst Grange in the evening by Mk Wedding Photography)

west midlands wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography at Shustocke barn


5.The first dance

This moment for most wedding photographers means – work is done, I’m going back home. MK Wedding Photography is not the finish of the story. I always stay longer to capture what will happen after the first dance. And often I can capture really spectacular photos.    


6.Wedding cake

This part of the post can be an inspiration for future brides.  I would like to add that I have another blog post dedicated to 100% for wedding cakes. Massive gallery with many wedding cakes. Maybe you will find one for you? The link to “cakes”  https://www.mkweddingphotography.com/wedding-cake-coventry/  




8. Wedding ceremony – Must have in the wedding photos

I can write about every single wedding ceremony in separates blog posts because every single one brought a different story. Sometimes very emotional, sometimes with a lot of tears, sometimes the bride was half an hour late. As a one from the best wedding photographers in West Midlands, I can say that the wedding ceremony must be included in “Must have photos”


9. Bridesmaids – Must be photographed

looking for a wedding photographer in west midlands wedding car at Milton Keynes by Mk Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer west midlands


10. The Veil

portrait of the bride at the shottle hall in derbyshire west midlands wedding photographer


11. The little ones

On every wedding, some guests come with their little ones. It won’t be right for the wedding couple to do not photograph those little creatures crawling, walking, running around the tables, jumping on the dance floor and if they are brave enough – taking photos on MK Wedding Photography cameras. 


12. Decor and signage

west midlands wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography at Shustocke barn





14. Photos of the bride and groom

Wedding photography in west midlands by MK Wedding Photography MK Wedding Photography wedding photographer in west midlands


15. People

People – the bride and groom, guests. Those who attend the wedding day and make it live and unusual. It must be in  “18 Must-have wedding photos by MK Wedding Photography” 

west midlands wedding photographer MK Wedding Photography natural wedding photography by MK Wedding Photography


16. The entrance of the bride

entrance of the bride by MK Wedding Photography brides entrance by Mk Wedding Photography


17. Party

wedding photographer Coventry - MK Wedding Photography wedding party by MK Wedding Photography  

18. exchanging  rings

exchanging rings coventry by MK Wedding Photography    

19, Family photos 

wedding photography, group photos

west midlands wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography at Shustocke barn

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