And the winner is…MPA 2023

It happened again. I – MK Wedding Photography won monthly critique for the month of July 2023 at The Masters Photographers Association called MPA. There are just over 500 master photographers from MPA with national qualifications in the UK. Every month we have a chance to present our 3 wedding images in a monthly critique, where Dave – one of the best wedding photographers in the country chooses the best wedding photo of the month. In July 2023, again, my photo won the critique, another photo was HIGHLY COMMENDED. Scroll down to see the photos. In the UK we have many thousands of people who take wedding photos. Only just over 500 hundred on the master level. The only one in the Coventry area is Mk Wedding Photography. And in July 2023, I won the critique. Definitely, this is a big achievement and of course, I am proud of it.     I cut the whole MPA’s monthly critique into a few-minute movie with the critique of my wedding photos. If you can afford a few minutes to watch, then feel free to play the movie.     For the Masters Photographers Association, I sent 3 images. We can’t do more. This is a free choice of photographer for what kind of wedding images we are sending. We are competing against other wedding photographers on master photography level in the UK. Master Photographers Association is the biggest, oldest and most powerful association in the country. Over the years built its reputation and strength. Established standards that every single photographer who was able to pass qualifications has to follow. Only the best photographers can proudly say that we were part of it. Below you will find the photos sent for the critique. above – the winner photo – Keresley, Coventry above-highly commended photo-Coventry town centre   MK Wedding Photography Coventry-based wedding photographer. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in the future, just have a look at our work and drop a message to get your tailored quote for your wedding day. –contact us —

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