Brandon Hall, Warwickshire by Mk Wedding Photography

Enjoy watching the video

Hi there.

The first time in my career, I have created a backstage footage from a wedding day. It is the first time when You can see the wedding day from my perspective. 

Backstage movie was created on GoPro camera, attached on the top of my cameras, that’s why you can see a lens on every single frame of the movie. It gives you real view from my side, and help you to understand how i work, and at the same time how the effects look like. After every single piece of the movie, I have attached a couple of samples photos from this specific moment. So, beside the video footage, you can see many great images from the day.

In the movie I have said “unusual photos in usual places” – at the beginning of the day I came to the bride house… not the best place for photos. isn’t it? but yes, in the first minute of the backstage movie you will have a chance to see what I created there. And in the next couple of minutes you can follow me during the day and see bride arrival, the wedding ceremony, and some photos after 🙂 

GoPro was attached to the hot shoe on my cameras, that’s why you can see a lens on the every single frame of the movie. I’ve done in purpose to increase the impression of how I saw it. 


A couple of words about ideas and photos.

The bouquet of flowers. As You could see in the movie, I put the bouquet on a bench, nothing special, simply idea, not creative? The idea maybe is not. To create this image I used amazing Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens which gives me very shallow dept of field, which gives so nice artistic effect.  So, my conclusion to this picture will be. ” an idea + appropriate equipment = have look above.  Nice natural image of newlywed couple walking down the aisle… simply but? Behind them on the both sides you can see 2 large windows, which give a lot of strong light. this is the situation when you try to shot against the sun…. Without some knowledge about photography it would be difficult to capture that kind of photo 🙂 This is what I like the most. A couple of minutes with a couple.  Together with my couple we have chosen the exit way from the Brandon Hall. Why? I never photographed in this specific place, and we had a sun behind. I asked my couple to stand in the shade (easier for me) , and at the same time we had sunlight behind them  giving some extra light and beautiful colours.   OK,  the next time I will describe some more  photos, how they were created.   West Midlands wedding photographer, Marek Kuzlik wish to say thank you for watching, and reading the post. Have a look on other blog posts or Facebook page    

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