Coombe Abbey Hotel – a little wedding photography story by MK Wedding Photography.

  The hotel is located in the hearth of Warwickshire, near village Brinklow. The beginnings of this place date back to the 12th century but present hotel has been opened in 1995 .  This is large, old, beautiful building with a park around, which is open to the public . For a photographers really good place for a photo shoot, Anywhere you go, you will have nice back ground. A little bridge crossing long lake, many old trees and animals, and nice garden on the West side of the Hotel. …public is not allowed to enter the building but as a wedding photographer I  had an opportunity to work there again. Interior is luxury but dark. That what photographers don’t like. Lighting condition for photographers is difficult, and you have to find on your camera good balance between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, or in smart way use speedlites. Beside those issues, this is one from my favourites wedding venues in Warwickshire. and West Midlands… I photographed weddings in many of wedding venues around. At the beginning of this photography journey, I went to the Bride’s room. (photo below). A lot of yellow light from lamps around this beautiful bed, and behind the wall on the right side, small window with ambient light. If I mention about blue carpet on the floor, all photography enthusiasts will know, that on this stage there is impossible to find correct white balance, and and some playing in Photoshop is necessary. Anyway, the effect is good. Another image below. The  Bride on the antique chaise longue. As a little secret i will tell you that i used 2 flashes here. the effect of one of them you can clearly see on the left hand side. If you will have a chance to visit the hotel, or maybe take photos in there… this “bench” is located in West wing of the hotel 🙂
Coombe Abbey Hotel by MK Wedding Photography

Coombe Abbey Hotel by Mk Wedding Photography

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