How Much For Wedding Photography

  When starting to plan your amazing wedding day, one of your questions will be – How much good wedding photographer will cost in the West Midlands and Warwickshire area? and what I can expect at the price offered by a photographer. Possibly that’s the most common and most important question the brides and grooms ask before choosing the right photographer to capture unique moments of their wedding day. I am going to answer these questions from the position of a wedding photographer. MK Wedding Photography is a Coventry-based wedding photography service. The only and the first master wedding photographer in Coventry. Please read my interview for Coventry Telegraph.  I’m also the winner of the best photo of 2020 in the wedding category for the West Midlands region. I’m also mentoring other photographers to help them to lift their photography skills to a higher level.


This is a very complicated question and I will give you some ideas of what you should look for and what questions you should ask during an initial conversation with a photographer.  
  • coverage
The price range for wedding photography in West Midlands and Warwickshire for full-day coverage may vary from a few hundred of pounds to a couple of thousands. A big variance, isn’t it? Let’s think why?  A full-day coverage may mean for photographers different things. In some cases, it will be 8 hrs and for other photographers inc. myself it can be 12hrs or even more. To simplify this, more time at a wedding means more time in front of the computer. And generally, it will cost more. Do you agree? The wedding photographer’s job doesn’t finish after the first dance.  This is not even halfway to the overall success. Before we will present you with your fantastic set of wedding photos we have to spend hours editing your photos and creating albums or preparing photos for print.
  • experience
I remember when I started in 2012 as a wedding photographer. I was scared to ask more than a couple of hundred for a full day. I didn’t feel confident enough to ask my wedding couples for more. At the time, my clients could expect quality photos due to my previous photography experience and education but mentally, I wasn’t brave to ask for more. In a conclusion, I would like to say that new starters may deliver fantastic photos but lack of experience and lack of self-confidence do not give you a warranty that the final photo story will be as expected. I have to add that experience and confidence are also built into the cost of wedding photography services. As the only master wedding photographer in Coventry, I am obligte to assure you that the quality of work will be delivered o  
  • authority
Is more popular mean better? More popular means better visibility for potential customers. It is the same as Coca-Cola. Everybody knows it and can pay more for a can of Coke than for a similar drink branded by one of the supermarkets.  As you can see, marketing is a powerful tool.  


You could read the above bout experience and coverage but in this part, we will focus on that what is going on after the wedding day. What will happen with your photos before you will see the final results?
  • editing
I’m not going to share all the detailed info regarding the whole process. My “know-how” is a treasure, so forgive me. However, many photographers in West Midlands and Warwickshire are limiting their photo editing to a little color correction and a few other little adjustments. So, the whole job may take only a few hours. I do not know because I have a very different approach to weddings. MK Wedding Photography edits every single photo separately. Our goal is to deliver high-end images for all couples. So, we use our advanced editing techniques to create something special in every situation, at the same time maintaining the natural look of the picture. That’s our little secret. That’s what you are paying for – the time of creating an amazing photo story. For more photos please visit my blog
  • extras
What the extras are? In MK Wedding Photography packages you will find a selection of wedding photo albums. It took us a couple of years to find what we were looking for, what our wedding couples are expecting, and what will last for decades without losing their fantastic look. Our suppliers are leading in Europe company. We have 100% trust in them the same as our wedding couples to us.


I would say that before you will start looking for a wedding photographer set your budget and expectations and then start searching for the best option for you.  You can consider booking someone new on the market without experience with a little risk that the final result will not be as expected. Please be aware that in 2019 we had in West Midlands a scammer who offered full-day coverage across the UK for £250. The price included 2 photographers, travel expenses across the country, and a large photo album.  Finally, the site has been removed but possibly there are many more like the one I’ve just described. Be aware!!!   If you get to this point and still have a spare few minutes, please visit our Instagram and Facebook. We keep uploading content there on a daily basis.  

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