“I don’t feel comfortable with having my photos taken” 

How often, I can hear that sentence when I meet my wedding couples across West Midlands and Warwickshire the first time? You can trust me or not but it happens very often. 8 out of 10  brides and groom tell me this story.

natural wedding photography in west midlands coventry

natural, fun and easy for my couple wedding photo session just before the sunset. Having fun and an idea for our natural wedding photo session, we went for a little field somewhere in the West Midlands for some more creative wedding photos with the sun in the background.


Private photos vs pro photos

Many of us love to take selfies or even family photos using a mobile phone. At those photos, we can be natural, funny, just like we are really are. What, if we replace the phone for a professional photographer with his expensive, big equipment? I’m pretty sure most of us will start “posing” or simple, start hiding or turning head away.  A whole relax which you had a seconds ago will disappear. 


Why did it happen?

Did you ever ask yourself or even your other half (if we are thinking about a wedding couple), why it happens? We are open for selfies and portraits taken by our friends. In front of a “pro”, you change a lot.
I don't feel comfortable with having my photo taken

A great example of another natural wedding portrait of the bride and groom in Coventry, West Midlands. We went to a local wood for some photos. The plan was set with my couple during the pre-wedding consultations a long time before the wedding day. So, just before the first dance we have jumped to my car and drove a mile from a wedding venue. When we got to the location, I only point the place where I think will be good to take some photos. The rest was up to my wedding couple. A little guiding was enough for them. They have done an amazing job. I ‘ve just clicked the shutter button on my camera 🙂

I don't feel comfortable with my photos wedding photographer west midlands

A big challenge for me as a wedding photographer from Coventry and some fun for my wedding couple. It was a nice and sunny day at the end of May and we have done all portrait job so far. Before the sunset and the first dance, I have mentioned about some photos during the sunset… Jemma & Ryan liked my idea and we went for a field next to the Ullestrope Court Hotel in Leicestershire. I asked the bride and groom to ignore me as much as they can. I guided them where to be and where to go… I’ve done the rest.

wedding photographer in west midlands  

You do not know the person in front of you.

As a wedding photographer, I meet many couples across West Midlands and Warwickshire. And I’d love to tell them how our potential photo session will look like. I’ve been repeating that for ages. A wedding portrait photo session with me is easy like “walk in the park”.  What that’s mean for you? MK Wedding Photography won’t pose you for ages to take the best shot. My experience in the wedding photography business showed me that the best wedding photos we can only achieve when the couple in front of a camera is relaxed and confident whit that what we are going to do.

How does the session look like?

I guide my couples. I tell them what I am going to do and I always make sure that the couple is OK with my idea.  Photography was my passion and passion has born the business and now as the professional photographer from Coventry, I’d love to share my passion with you. The wedding photo session with me is a pleasure and doesn’t force you to do what you don’t like. I always have a little smile on my face when I receive feedback from the couple who previously said to me… “I don’t feel comfortable with having my photos taken”. For me, it is kind of success and brings happiness that again, I have done a great job. Some samples you can find here: natural wedding photography West Midlands natural relaxed wedding photography west midlands coventry fub and relaxed wedding photosgraphy in coventyr
Ashton Lodge wqeddings. bride on the swing

Some time at Ashton Lodge. I believe a comment on this award-winning photo is unnecessary.

  So, don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable with having my photos taken. I am prepared for that occasion.

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