Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry.

part 1

    Today, the first part of a wedding story from a wedding venue located in the heart of Coventry’s town centre – St Mary’s Guild Hall. That’s not the first time I have been there and that’s not the first time I’m writing about it. Great photos, great people. I love to photograph there. So, sit back and have a look at my work 🙂 MK Wedding Photography wishes to say HI!  after a long break.  I think for most of us, wedding photographers from West Midlands, August is one from the busiest months in the year.  I haven’t been active on Facebook, Instagram and I haven’t done any updates on my website due to very high volume of work and passion (I will tell you about it soon)  

Wedding photography in Coventry – St Mary’s Guild Hall

The selection of wedding photos from St Mary’s Guild Hall presenting a wedding ceremony from the middle of August 2019

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The wedding day.

Saturday’s afternoon in the beginning of August. St Mary’s Guild Hall, one of the finest surviving medieval guildhalls in England, located in the Coventry’s historic ‘Cathedral Quarter’ – as we can read on the official website. Beautiful, nearly 700 years old building. Very challenging for photographers who have to take photos in here. I will provide more info about it in the 2nd part of the blog.  For MK Wedding Photography it was a part-day coverage. I started just before the wedding ceremony and I finished the story after the 2nd dance.


Wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony at St mary’s Guild Hall was simple and short, as every single wedding ceremony in the UK. A lot of things to capture in a short time. All in difficult lighting condition.  At this stage, I have to say BIG thank you for ladies from Coventry Registry Office who allowed me to move around and to capture the ceremony from a different perspective. Thanks! I have to mention because it might be important for future brides and grooms. Not always a photographer has an opportunity to move around during wedding ceremonies. In the second part, I will tell you a  little bit more about our wedding photo session and challenges which every single photographer has to face attending a wedding day at St Mary’s Guild Hall in Coventry.

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