St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry by MK Wedding Photography


Natural wedding photos at the venue and sounding area.

Below, MK Wedding Photography presents a set of natural wedding portraits of the bride and groom taken at the St Mary’s Guild Hall and the sounding area. 10 minutes walk around the ruins of Coventry’s cathedral was enough to create a great gallery of wedding portraits. Some of them, I am happy to share with you. I hope you will enjoy the gallery. If you wish to see more, visit my wedding photography website
wedding photography in Coventry - MK Wedding Photography

Classical wedding photos do not have to be boring. Pure MK Wedding Photography – natural, action, fun and a great effect at the end

squirrel in Coventry City Centre captured during wedding photo session in Coventry

As I have mentioned. During the session in Coventry’s town centre, we were watching squirrels and squirrels were watching us. Anyway, fun for both sides.

MK Wedding Photography, Coventry best wedding photos

I can admit that a series of photos with this staircase is one from the best in this season for me.

  I photographed this wedding in August, and I’ve kept draft of this post for a long while. Finally, I have the time to finish it. The wedding took place at St Mary’s Guild Hall in Coventry. This old beautiful object is located next to the ruins of Coventry cathedral and not always can be visited. But most of the photos in this blog post were taken out of the venue, on the sounding area.  It’s worth to mention that the venue is run by Coventry City Council. My wedding couple felt relaxed in front of my cameras, and the photo session was really like walking in the park. a lot of fun, some squirrels watching and what was the most important… some photos. I think, “some” is not the right word. The session was so easy and pleasant that, I can honestly say, many, many photos. 
  MK Wedding Photography wishes to say big thanks for ladies from Coventry Registry Office who are always great during the wedding ceremonies and let me do more than I can expect. It is a great pleasure to work as a wedding photographer in Coventry beside you ladies. As always, For new readers who appreciate my work. You can find more here: Facebook, Instagram  

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