The best wedding packages in West Midlands


Are you looking for a great wedding photographer in West Midlands or Warwickshire area? And at the same time, you are looking for a great package at a reasonable price? This article is for you.


about MK Wedding Photography

I’m Marek and since 2014 I am the owner of MK Wedding Photography – photography company which provides premium wedding photography service across West Midlands and Warwickshire and of course further away. Anyway, I cover a large part of the UK without extra costs for travel. Looks good? Read till the end. Will be much better. For the last 5 years, I have worked hard to build a reputation and trust. I was developing my natural, documentary photography style and approach to weddings. I get to the point where I am now and…


Wedding day with MK Wedding Photography

I repeat it very often for my wedding couples. It will be like a walk in the park.  Easy and smooth. That’s how all my weddings across West Midlands look like. I believe and it works, a wedding day is a day when the bride and groom should celebrate the occasion. It shouldn’t be the day when a photographer plays the main role during the wedding day and try to managed everybody around. I always work from the side, do not disturb the wedding party, however, very often I have an opportunity to have a proper chat with the wedding guests.  A photo session with the bride and groom. The philosophy is the same as during the day. When we get to the point when the bride and the groom are alone in front of my cameras, again we treat it like a walk in a park. No rush, no posing… just guiding. My wedding couples aren’t professional models, so they do not know how to pose. Very often when they try… the final effect is very comic. That’s why I will repeat it again. The wedding photo session with MK Wedding Photography is like a walk in the park. Relaxed, easy with outstanding images at the end.  

the best wedding packages west midlands

What’s in the offer?

I am going to tell you about Full Day Premium Package, which is a very attractive option for those who are looking for something really premium and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on it.  MK Wedding Photography offers a great opportunity. The full story of the day, from morning preparation until the 2nd or even 5th dance. So during that time, I can capture nearly everything that will happen on your wedding day. Let’s be honest 9 of 10 wedding photographers in West Midlands offer exactly the same. In the Premium package, my bride and groom will receive an online gallery with all photos from the day. No less than 700… hmm?  again, I the same as other photographers. OK, who else allows wedding guests and family of the bride and groom to download photos for free? There we go. The first big difference. A photo album. Everyone offers them. Right? How many of us photographers who offer premium service have photo albums included in the price? Well, maybe 5 out 10 What if I tell you that in MK Wedding Photography’s premium you will receive 3 albums. The main in the size 12 x 12 in luxury box matching cover of the album. Trust me, whosever will take the album will say WOW!!! and imagine what will be when this person will open it. The best possible quality prints. Not always you can see so crispy photos. OK, I Have mentioned about 3 albums. I have described one. Where are the 2 others? Possibly your parents have them already. Yes, the 2 extra albums are for your parents and albums are a smaller copy of your big, massive, luxury photo album.


Well, The exact price you can check on my site… here is the link (Packages and Prices). I would say, it won’t cost you more than a budget all inclusive 2 weeks holiday in the south of Spain. It will cost you more or less 1.5 brand new iPhone. Interesting? Have a look an chat with me.   Did you know? MK Wedding Photography is on Insta         

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