The best wedding photos of 2018

photographed by Marek Kuzlik Photography.


We have the middle of 2019 and I still have in my mind some wedding photos from the last year. At this occasion, I have decided to write this post.

So, it will be a selection of the best of the best wedding photos from 2018 photographed across West Midlands, Warwickshire and possibly even wider area. 

Please do not expect to view only polished photos of the bride and groom. It wasn’t the main goal to present you that kind of photos. This is the selection with a nice story in the background. A couple of words, I will add under each photo.



Chesterton Windmill near Warwick.

“The 2nd wedding photo session at Chesterton Windmill”

portrait and wedding photography at Chesterton Windmill near Warwick

The photo and generally the whole photo session At the Chesterton Windmill has a diaper story behind. My wedding couple has got married in May 2018 in the heart of Cotswold.  Sometime in the middle of the summer last year they have contacted me if there will be a chance to meet up for another wedding photo session somewhere in West Midlands or Warwickshire area. I put an idea of the mill. I have been there before but I never photographed at the Chesterton Windmill before. My wedding couple has liked the idea and soon after that, we have found a good date for photos.  The main plan was to photograph them during the sunset, which possibly it would look amazing. However, as you can see in the photo above instead of a nice sunset, we had some grey clouds. But it wasn’t a big issue for us. We have spent there more than an hour, playing with wind, lights and of course with my wedding couple.



Swallows Nest Barn near Warwick.

“Just a walk”

wedding photography at Swallows Nest barn Warwickshire

Why I have decided to put this photo to the selection of  The best wedding photos of 2018? Because is natural. The bride and her two bridesmaids were walking down the field at the Swallows Nest Barn. Because all of us had great fun during this short photo shoot. Because of the photo has been taken just before the sunset and simple… looks amazing. 



Ashton Lodge Country House


Ashton Lodge wedding photography

Last Summer at Ashton Lodge. unexpected click. Good thing was that at this time I had my Nikon D4s in my hand. the tool which is perfect for action photos. The plan was very simple. I have asked all ladies to sit down on the grass. because a flower girl was shorter than other ladies. But one from the bridesmaids hasn’t got enough space 🙂 and … as you can see on the photo she has pushed one of the bridesmaids away.



The Mill Barns, Shropshire

“5 minutes to go…”

The mill barns wedding by Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

I love this photo because is an excellent sample of reportage from the bridal preparation for the wedding ceremony. We can see the bride… just 5 min before the wedding ceremony still making her hair.



The Mill Barns, Shropshire

“Lover’s bridge”

wedding at the mill barns

It was the first time when MK Wedding Photography had an opportunity to photograph a wedding day at The Mill barns. Besides, I have to add that the venue is one of my favourites ones. As I heard from a duty manager after the photo session of my wedding couple, I was the first photographer who took photos on the bridge being on the other side of the lake. This and a couple of different photos were published on The Mill barns social media.



Rome, Italy

“Selfie from Rome”

weddings in Rome

As you can read on my other blog post from summer last year, your wedding photographer based in West Midlands spent 24 hrs in Rome, for a wedding photo session. If you have been there, you know that all the main places in Rome are very busy across the whole year. Of course, this time was the same. We were on the bright with a nice view of Colosseum. Because it was a very warm and bright day, I had to use an external flash to reduce some harsh shadows, and generally balance ambient light. This photo was the one from unexpected. While I was setting my equipment, my couple has decided to take a selfie of them. Again, a camera was ready to capture this amazing moment.



Brandon Hall, Coventry

“He is BIG :)”

Brandon Hall wedding photography

hmm. I will say only… we had a lot of fun during this summer photo session with the bridal party and the groom at Brandon Hall in Coventry



Chesterton Windmill, Warwick

“Playing with the wind”

wedding photography in Warwick

This is posing photo without posing. It was one from test photos, where I did not look at the bride’s position. We had some wind, she had a long wedding dress and we wanted to play with it a little bit.



Ashton Lodge, Warwickshire

” a wedding incident”

ashton lodge wedding photography by marek kuzlik wedding photography-14

A flower girl has dropped a basket with confetti.



Ashton Lodge, Warwickshire


Ashton Lodge wqeddings. bride on the swing

One from the natural not posed action photos. I took a series of photos where the groom was pushing gently his wife on the swing but in one moment he pushed the swing with the full power. I love this photo because of the dynamic, movement and what is important, emotions. That was the main reason to put the photo in the selection of the best wedding photos of 2018

  At the end. I’d like to invite you to my Instagram, where you can have a look at recent work from all weddings across West Midlands and Warwickshire. The link below.  

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