Wedding day at The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey by MK Wedding Photography

MK Wedding Photography at Woburn Sculpture Gallery Hello and welcome to my blog, where you can discover many things around weddings. I’m a wedding photographer based in the West Midlands, and many blog posts are just about wedding photography, however, if you will have a couple of minutes to search a little bit more on my blog, I’m sure you will find many inspirations. This time your West Midlands wedding photographer had visited Milton Keynes area. Earlier this year I had a pleasure to photograph a wedding day of K&P at Woburn Sculpture Gallery. You can trust me or not but we do not have such an incredible wedding venue in the West Midlands, or I’ve just haven’t discovered it yet.   Lets’s stats from the beginning.  The Sculpture Gallery is located a few miles from Milton Keynes in the village Woburn where I have started this amazing wedding journey. In the morning I have met there my beautiful bride at the hotel. Later on, we have moved to the gallery for the wedding ceremony, and then the wedding party.         

What one from West Midlands wedding photographers may say about the venue – from the photographer point of view.

I’m sure that the venue makes kind of WOW effect for every single person who comes here the first time. In my case was exactly the same. But be honest. I wasn’t one from the guests. I came from West Midlands to the Milton Keynes area to create an amazing wedding photo story of my wedding couple. And as all who know me. It will be a natural wedding photo story with a touch of creativity. OK, How a photographer see this wedding venue? Short and simple, I wish me and other photographers to work in wedding venues like this. The lighting inside is incredible. So, dear wedding couples. In the future, even less experienced photographer, with a little bit of knowledge of photography will be able to produce good photos. Big windows give a lot of ambient, side light. That was a condition which I loved.   

What the bride has said:

“The photos are great and we love what you have sent us. “
“I can not thank you enough for Saturday you were great and what help with my dress… the Igor is looking fab so far.”

Wedding day at The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey by MK Wedding Photography

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