MK Wedding Photography at Ullesthrope Court Hotel

2nd part of the story

In this blog, you will find the continuation of an amazing wedding story at Ullesthrope Court Hotel… not far away from Coventry where Mk Wedding Photography base. In the first part (here) you will find everything that had happened before the wedding ceremony. In this one,  we will look for the rest of the story. From the wedding ceremony until the party after the first dance (photo below). In this blog, you will find sunset photos created by Mk Wedding Photography, something that makes BIG WOW effect when you will see the photo printed in an album. Scroll down and enjoy fantastic wedding photo story created by one from the best wedding photographers in Coventry.

Evening wedding party at Ullesthrope Court Hotel. focus point perfectly caught on hand as expected. Hard to achieve but as you can see, still possible.

wedding photography - behind the scene

behind the scene, if I describe this photo that way, it will be the perfect title for this photo. My wedding couple before an announcement of new MR&MRS to their wedding guests. They didn’t know that I was behind with my camera. They discovered the photo when the full wedding photo story was ready. I love to surprise people.

wedding ceremony at ullesthrope hotel by Mk Wedding photography

wedding ceremony at Ullesthrope Hotel by Mk Wedding photography. Singing the registry book. This part of most of the photos looks static and boring. Mk Wedding Photography always can find the right moment to click the shutter button and show some REAL emotions, movement and relations.

detailed wedding photography

A wedding cake will disappear on the wedding day, this piece of paper will be lost soon after but wedding photos created by Mk Wedding photography will long last for ages. That’s why I love to capture details, small details which make the day.

mk wedding photography at ullesthrope court hotel

MK Wedding Photography at Ullesthrope Court Hotel. When the sun was only a couple of minutes before disappeared behind the horizon, we had a chance to create something special for my wedding couple.

My crew. As long as I remember, it was a photo taken on the way back to the hotel after a successful photo session

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