Warwick House. Lesbian wedding by MK Wedding Photography part 1

In September 2019, your local wedding photographer based in Coventry had a little challenge and had to photograph the first lesbian wedding in career.

My first lesbian wedding part 1

Well, well, in September this year, I had to photograph my first same-sex wedding. Yes, it was the first one in my career, and I was in the business for a while. Over the years, I had many enquiries about gay or lesbian weddings but I never finalised a case. Generally, the same job, I was hired to do some wedding photography but at the same time, I felt somewhere inside that it might be a little bit different and it was. But I will tell you about it later.

Warwick House, Southam

30 minutes drive from Coventry on the South, we can get to a nice small city in the heart of Warwickshire – Southam. And in this city is located one of the most popular wedding venues in Warwickshire – Warwick House. If you never heard about this wedding venue, click here. Interesting place and I can say that I like to take photos there. The venue has a rear garden. I was there but I never took photos in the garden. It looks like a place for some classical wedding portraits. maybe that’s why I never been photographing in the garden. My Ideas for wedding photos are breaking standards and I look after new places. But, I think, one day I’ll try the garden as a photoshoot’s background too. šŸ™‚

Warwick House and Windmill – 2 amazing place near Coventry.

Many of you have been in Warwick, in the castle, most of you stopped in Leamington Spa for a little walk or maybe you live in the area. The question is who drove a few miles deeper into Warwickshire’s countryside to little village Chesterton? The place where I love to come back for wedding photo sessions. Every single time I have a pleasure to create great photos for my couples, I had different weather condition and it had a big effect on the final effect. (Some photos from Windmill here)  

Warwick House. Lesbian wedding by MK Wedding Photography

I was waiting for this challengeĀ  3/4 of the year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but at the same time, I was calm. I was a pretty sure great event. AND ITĀ  WAS! 2 Brides walked down the aisle on the red carpet. Amazing, usually, I had the groom waiting for the bride walking down the aisle. THIS TIME WAS A BIT DIFFERENT AND PERFECT. I’ll be waiting for more events like this.  

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