Wedding day at Ashton Lodge Country House

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Ashton Lodge Country House. A great wedding venue near Coventry

I am pretty sure that most of you never heard about Ashton Lodge. Why? Because this is a quiet place hidden in the countryside near Monks Kirby just a couple of miles West from Coventry. Possibly that’s why I love to come back to this venue to capture the natural and emotional moments of my wedding couples. Some more info about the venue, you can find it here. 


Spring wedding at Ashton

It was a sunny spring morning 2018 when I got to the venue. What was funny, I came to Ashton Lodge before the bride which is an unusual situation. It gave me more time to take photos of the venue. And then, I met Danni and her team. I do not remember how many people took part in the morning preparation but it was a lot. It guarantees me a busy and funny morning with all those happy people. Then the day speeds up for me. We had an official part of the wedding day – the wedding ceremony carried out by the best team of registrars fro Rugby Registry Office. I took a massive reportage of the event from many perspectives. Not always I have such a nice opportunity. It was a full day coverage and I can write a lot about… but this is not the reason why you are here. Enjoy watching natural photo story created by award-winning, Coventry based wedding photographer – MK Wedding Photography     

Ashton Lodge Country House, Coventry Natural wedding photo story 

That’s not the bride 🙂 That’s a one from many portraits I took after the wedding meal. This is part of my day at work. I walk around and take natural photos of the people around.

The ceremony room at Ashton Country House with its vintage chairs which add a lot to the look of the vanue

The bride and bridesmaids throwing their bouquets. Behind me, a couple of guys tried to capture the flowers. How do you thin. Did they catch them? Group photos after the wedding ceremony don’t have to be static and boring. We can always add some life and laugh to it.

details. Little things.. which enrich your wedding day. Planning your wedding day it is good to consider some those “things”

The main focus point 🙂 a table where wedding couples sign registry book.

The place where couples celebrate their wedding day. What I love at Ashton, every time the room looks different because brides and grooms make a design of the room.

Details, again. Mk Wedding Photography always captures a lot of them.

marquee from a different perspective. Just to document the effort you put into the decoration of the place you will celebrate your wedding day

Behind the scene. A little star from the first photo of this blog

Practising. a little bit toooooo early.

This is real storytelling. It is a great feeling if I can show something invisible to others. While you are busy, you can miss a lot of small things. That’s why I am sensitive to it

fear? happiness? a joke from the father? possibly all of them. The most important is that i have captured all important moments of the day.

why did they chase me?



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