What a wedding photographer

from Coventry

needs to create great photos. (photo equipment)

A couple of words about what MK Wedding Photography has in the bag. What helps him to create quality photos.


What a wedding photographer from West Midlands needs to create great photos.

What is needed to create quality wedding photos?

To create quality photos you need a good photographer. The photographer to create good photos need some equipment and it does not have to be the most expensive camera or lens on the market. A good photographer will know how to use all kind of equipment available on the market.  But let’s be honest. In photography more expensive very often means better. Better, for professional photographer means easier… easier to take a great photo in difficult lighting condition. For wedding couple, it will mean – less time with a photographer, more time with wedding guests.  

Who I am?

OK, I am Mark and I run MK Wedding Photography. I create wedding photo stories for wedding couples across whole Coventry, where I based and West Midlands and Warwickshire. If this is the first time you see me, please visit my website… click here (MK Wedding Photography). Some more outstanding photos you can find ( here )  

What a wedding photographer from Coventry in West Midlands needs to create great photos?


Without them, it would be difficult to create a nice photo for my clients. I would always take a piece of paper and draw because I spent hundreds of hours drawing models at the Uni. Well, I always work with my 2 Nikons (photos below) D4s – fast, accurate and extremely helpful in a low light condition. When was new, the cost of it was 5k and at the time  Nikon D4s was the best camera in the world. Lifted photography to a higher level. (Canon’s lovers won’t agree with it of course 🙂 The second one in Nikon D750, When it was released I said to myself – I never buy one. And As you can see, “never say never”. This toy became my main camera. Not so expensive, something around 1.5k. The large sensor gives me a chance to produce larger files, great autofocus, good performance in low light condition. I would say, good all-rounder. What is the worst in these cameras? – weight. Since 2015 when I have bought D4s, I was asked many times by wedding guests – amateur photographer to have to try my camera. In 2015 D4s wasn’t and I still think is not popular as a wedding photography camera because of the price. But only those wedding photographer who had it can say how good the camera is.
NIkon D4s

Nikon D4s

Nikon D750

Nikon D750


Wedding lenses.

The set which works the best for me. From telephoto to the ultra-wide lens. All with a large aperture. What is does means for my clients? Shallow depth of field, nice blurred background. Everybody likes it. Especially, owners of new smartphones. Unfortunately, in modern phones, this effect is achievable not by optic but by the algorithm and not always it looks good. So, as a wedding photographer from West Midlands, I do not have a worry that I lose my job in the nearest future 🙂 Below you have a sample photo taken at 200mm and aperture close to max. Nice sharp subject and blurry background.
coventry registry office/ wedding photography by Mk Wedding photography

Here we go. Shallow depth of field or in different words, blurred background. I Have used a lens 70 – 200mm at aperture set on f2.8 / f3.2


Below  Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 – the main tool in my photography bag.

In my photography style, this is the best option to capture a wedding ceremony, group photos but sometimes I use a prime 35mm f1,4. For me, that’s the best tool to create a reportage. OK, possibly in the next couple of days one from wedding photographers will write a comment, that the best lenses to wedding photography are the prime lenses (2nd photo below), however, in my opinion not always, not for pure reportage where a photographer has to capture many things in a short time… like a wedding ceremony.
Nikon 24-70 f2.8

Nikon 24-70 f2.8

wedding photography, group photos

I’m pretty sure the photo has been taken on 24-70mm lens. A great sharpness, contrast, usually colour, and some blur in the background which gives some separation between object and background

Sigma 35mm f1,4

Sigma 35mm f1,4

70-200 f2,8

70-200 f2,8


What else in a wedding photographer’s bag?

As you could see on the cover photo. I bring much more “toys” on every single wedding day across Midlands and Warwickshire. There are speedlites, a big flash which may change a lot, a tripod, light stands, and cameras suspenders from Maciej Figiel Leather Art Work A little bit more about suspenders, you can read on my wedding photography blog Every single time when I am going to create great photos, I have to bring many different things. it doesn’t mean that I always use all of them. Every single wedding day is different, the weather is different. The venue and everything that makes a wedding could be different. So, for those different occasions, I use different things from my photography bag.
What a wedding photographer from West Midlands needs to create great photos.

Left (stand, usually more than 2), cameras suspenders, top centre (Nikon D750 and Nikon D4s), Middle (3x Godox Vn860), centre bottom (Godox AD400 Pro and below 2 transparent umbrellas for light diffusion). Then to the tight (set of lenses, 24-70, 35, 30, 70-200 and 12-24 mm), plenty of cards and tripod at the right side

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