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If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Nuneaton, West Midlands, or an even wider area, please visit our website WWW.MKWEDDINGPHOTOGRAPHY.COM check what we do and what value we can add you your wedding day – and then contact us.

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Who’s MK Wedding Photography?

  That’s a good question. I live next to your city, I cycle around your city, I do shopping in Nuneaton but as a wedding photographer, I am not known for you. I’m Marek, who runs MK Wedding Photography and I live in Keresley End. Not far from you. I’m on the market long time but I never advertise in your area, that’s why you may not know about me.  

Maybe the best wedding photographer in Nuneaton

  Maybe… maybe not. For sure I am the only wedding photographer in the Nuneaton area who is approved by The Master Photographers Association. The biggest and the only professional association for professional photographers in the UK. This is not the place where you can pay and win an award 🙂 you have to be good, very good and I was. MK Wedding PhotographyThe Welcombe Hotel  

For sure Nuneaton wedding photographer with a natural approach to your wedding.

VISIT MY WEBSITE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM WRITING ABOUT. I can turn static family portraits into nice dynamic photos which will not make you sleepy while watching them.  Please visit my website and leave a comment about your feeling about my photos. I do not like to pose my wedding couples during the wedding day, OK? We are going for “a walk in a park”, I may guide you and you will do the rest. Many of my couples say that they do not like photos being taken of them and at the end of the “day” when the photo story is ready they can’t believe what photos we have, and how easy was to achieve it. My Wedding Couples were mentioning this. Please check MK Wedding Photography’s Google Reviews, I’ve just started asking couples to write reviews, so you will see a big increase in the nearest future.  There is also a one-star review but I wish all the best to the star who left this review. The star wasn’t even my bride.  

What photos MK Wedding Photography will take?

I’m trying to be up to date with the offers from other wedding photographers from Nuneaton, Coventry, and the sounding area. And many of them LIMIT YOUR PHOTOS. Of course, I have limits as well but different ones. I will not give you 500 edited photos from 2 hrs of coverage. I know that you understand this bit. OK, how others are limiting your photos? Imagine, you have a photographer for a half day and you ask a photographer to start 1 hr before your ceremony and stop after the speeches.  Can you imagine that there are photographers who will not take photos of your beautiful flowers or your amazing dress but they will be with you when it is possible? or they will not take photos of the table details or venue or your wedding cake? They will not… because these photos are specified in more expensive packages. This is something that I can’t imagine here at MK Wedding Photography… My wedding couples too.   What prices MK Wedding Photography can offer for couples from Nuneaton? Well, very competitive. Sometimes lower than other wedding photographers from Nuneaton, sometimes the same, and some options are more expensive. Please remember Price is what you pay and VALUE is what you get and this is the main most powerful sentence in this article.   SO, one more time I wish to invite you to view MK Wedding Photography’s website to see what one of the best Nuneaton Photographers can do for you.

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