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Ansty Hall Hotel is located just outside Coventry, a mile or two from junction 2 on the M6 motorway. Not far from Nuneaton and Rugby. 17th-century building on a little hill with nice big old trees in the front. Can make a wow effect. Nice wedding venue, with fantastic staff and good food.  

Introduction to wedding day at Ansty Hall

Wedding photography is not only my job but at the same time, it is my passion because I can meet fantastic people, take photos in amazing places, and from time to time try fantastic food served at the venues. That’s why full of optimistic thoughts, I jumped into my car and drove to Ansty Hall. The morning was very rainy and the forecast for the rest of the day was even worse. From my perspective, it is not a big thing because of my experience in wedding photography I know what to do even if the weather during the wedding day is awful. MK Wedding Photography can deliver outstanding photos in all weather conditions… Well, I still waiting for snow because in nearly 9 years I haven’t had a chance to photograph in this condition… Maybe your wedding will be first with snow?

Preparation at Ansty Hall

A few minutes after 9 a.m. I knocked to the bride’s room – a very busy room. The room with many ladies inside. What was very good news. More people, more fun, and more opportunities for nice photos.  As always, I asked the ladies to ignore me and I start work. It was an early stage of preparation, so first I took some photos of details and then I start creating close-up portraits and then I changed the camera and started photographing ladies from a wider angle.
Always when is a chance I photograph the groom’s preparation, and this time I had this opportunity.
Wedding photographer Coventry

The only wedding photographer in Coventry who The MPA master photographer.


Wedding ceremony at Ansty Hall

This wedding was very emotional and that’s what I love. I love to seek and capture these little MOMENTS. The moments which make MK Wedding Photographer good photographer. You do not have to trust me and you can check it around. Many wedding photographers from the Coventry area focus on more staged photos, where the wedding couple is posed for the photo… In my opinion that’s not how it should look but in the nearest future, i am going to tell you more about my thoughts about this bit.  

Wedding photos at Ansty Hall

Well, the list of family photos prepared by my bride was very big, however, the weather condition wasn’t perfect. During the ceremony, we had a very massive rainfall and it was bad news for our schedule for the day. But don’t worry, MK Wedding Photography as the best wedding photography service in the Coventry and Nuneaton area with its many years of experience has always backup plan. Whenever was dry, not raining we use the fantastic Ansty Hall’s garden to take some photos of the wedding party, the rest we arranged in the library room, where I found nice lighting from the big window. I also mixed it with a flashlight.    

Wedding breakfast, speeches, and emotions at Ansty Hall

Whoever visited a bigger party at the venue is aware of The Orangery, a part of the venue for wedding ceremonies and big parties. The place with plenty of light inside. Below you will see a lot of details photos that always are included in MK Wedding Photography’s photography. And a lot of emotions during the speeches. All the photos were captured in an interesting way I can believe you can see the difference between my photos and many other colleagues photographers from the area. In other words – professional way.      

Wedding photography with the bride and groom at Ansty Hall.

The evening brought better weather.  The rain stopped and we were after the meal and speeches. That was the only occasion to take my wedding couple for some natural wedding photos. As always we were limited by time, so I had to be quick. And here let me do a little digression. Being quick doesn’t mean that I will push you or try to speed you up. I can predict what we can do in the time. (If you will ask me this question in the future, You can be sure that I will explain to you how it works) but yes, we had some time to go for some photos. I always scout the place where I work. The plan is ready in my mind and if you will trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Below you have only 9 photos from this part of the wedding day, but we took much, much more.   Ansty Hall by Coventry's master wedding photographer Wedding photographer Coventry at Ansty Hall  

The End of the wedding day at Ansty Hall – the beginning of the new story at M K Wedding Photography’s office.

This story begins in my office soon after I come back from a wedding day. The story is invisible to you but there will be a day when i will show you how it looks from the perspective of a wedding photographer. The story where the raw files are turned into an amazing set of wedding photos.

Photos created by the only wedding photographer in Coventry approved by The Masters Photographers Association.

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Marek Kuzlik

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