Wedding photography at Blakelands Country House

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Wedding photography at Blakelands Country House

Today, I will show you a story from a place that I would possibly choose for my wedding day.

The place, which I have to visit one more time as a wedding photographer to see the full potential of the place.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Blakelands Country House is located only 40 miles from Coventry.  On the map is on the other side of Birmingham, looking from my place. Even on an easy Saturday morning, the time to get there is over 1 hr. I’ll add that the day at Blakelands was the day in the middle of a storm, I forgot the name of the storm but it is not important.


Preparation – ladies

When I got to the venue a member of staff took me from reception to another building where a team of ladies was partying… no, were preparing for the wedding day 🙂

After a quick chat, we established some rules – “ignore me as much as you can I will ask you if I will need something from you” – that’s what I’m usually saying to my bride and her team. After years in the business, I think, I found my original approach to weddings which works very well. I think that is one of the reasons why I am the only wedding photographer in the Coventry area who is in The Master Photographers Association. But I think, I will not share all of my secrets here. I will tell you when you will meet during consultations.

Blakelands Country House wedding party

Natural wedding photos in West Midlands

Preparation – boys

That’s the quick one. All the guys came to the venue something like 2 hrs before the wedding ceremony, so I had a lot of time to capture the ladies and the groom with his team.

The groom and his team’s preparation is quick, so I always have to be fast.


Guests arriving

As I mentioned before the wedding day took place in the middle of the storm. The strong wind was one thing but very heavy showers of rain were the worst. And that’s what we had when was time for guests to arrive.

Of course, I was avoiding embarrassing photos but I still took some as a nice memory for the wedding couple, you will NEVER SEE THESE PHOTOS…



Barn-style ceremony room with dimmed light and wooden construction of the roof. All of that builds an amazing atmosphere.

This is a big moment for all the guests arriving for the wedding and especially for the bride and the groom. Very emotional moments with some jokes and tears. The stressed Groom was waiting for the bride in a beautiful white dress, everyone was focused on the registrars.

In one moment, a curtain behind moved and we could see bridesmaids walking down the aisle. At the last, the bride and her father entered the room. I could hear “oh” and “ah” describing how fantastic the bride was.

…And then the official part of the day started. – How do I capture it and what else you can expect from me? Feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to talk with you about wedding photography.


What to do after the wedding ceremony?

In this year I’ve dome more than 40 weddings end on every single one after the wedding ceremony we were taking group photos.

The plan for this one was the same, however, the weather at Blakelands was bad, very bad, extremely bad. But I had a job to do.

And here, My experience, knowledge, and my approach helped me very much. I share my vision of the group photos with my wedding couple and soon after that, I start organizing the “stage” for the photos.

As always we were very limited in time and expectations were huge. On top of that, we were very limited in space but have a look at what I was able to do. Even after so many months when looking at these photos I am proud of them. I would say – one of the best group wedding photos that MK Wedding Photography ever took. (A few months earlier I had another wedding where the weather didn’t let us go outside and I had to take group photos inside the venue…)


The Meal and the speeches, and the time between

After a busy time in the morning, I had time to rest for a little bit and check what kind of wedding photos I took so far, what is missing, and what I can do better.

The meal time, I used for some photos of the venue and walk around The Blakelands Country House. That was the time when I could publish some updates on MK Wedding Photography’s social media and reply to emails and talk with my family.


Party time.

Traditionally we started with cutting the cake and then went straight to the first dance. As I expected, a lot of guests joined the bride and groom on the dance floor and I had a lot of opportunities for another set of natural wedding photos.


End of the wedding day at Blakelan Country House – beginning of the new story at M K Wedding Photography’s office.

The story is in front of the computer in my office. The story is invisible to you. The story where the raw files are turned into an amazing set of wedding photos.

Photos created by the only wedding photographer in Coventry approved by The Masters Photographers Association.

Thank you for your time

Marek Kuzlik

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