Wedding photography at Weston Hall Coventry Bulkington

through the lens of the best wedding photographer in Coventry and Nuneaton – MK Wedding Photography

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Weston Hall Bulkington

This is a very local wedding venue for MK Wedding Photography.  The venue is located near Coventry – near Nuneaton – near Bedworth – in Bulkington.  I’m not photographing there often, that’s a shame because this is a very nice venue. In the future, I am going to visit this place on a more regular basis and you have to help me with this.

Wedding photography at Weston Hall Bulkington

I met my ladies sometime before the start of the wedding ceremony and I had enough time to capture some details of the wedding day, guests arriving and as it is standard in MK Wedding Photography’s work – a lot of unexpected, natural portraits of the guests. Also, there was a time to have a chat with staff and registrars about the details during the ceremony. Doesn’t matter if I will be photographing a short wedding ceremony at Nuneaton Registry Office or a Full day at Coombe Abbey Hotel – the method of working will be the same. I do not split people for better or worse because they paid only for wedding ceremony coverage, not the full day. The quality is the same. You will have close-ups while exchanging the rings (sometimes impossible) and you will have a wide-angle view for exchanging the rings, I also capture the rings alone if it will be possible. The only limitation is the time. I will do what I can in the requested time.      

Wedding Ceremony at Weston Hall Bulkington

Before everything started I was set and ready to capture some smiley faces and a lot of emotions. And I did it. Check it out below.
What kind of photos do I take during the wedding ceremony?
We have to clarify one thing here. I am not like other photographers. Some Coventry and Nuneaton Photographers are saying what they will capture during the wedding day/ceremony. Comparing their offer to my work often is 50% fewer details than MK Wedding Photography will make for you.    

Wedding group photos at Weston Hall Bulkington

MK Wedding Photography always asks for a group/family photos list.  And again I am not like many photographers from Coventry and Nuneaton – I will not limit you to a specified number of photos. That’s your day and I am there for you.  Soon I will upload another blog with info on how I work. So far, please enjoy the photos      

Photos created by the only wedding photographer in Coventry approved by The Masters Photographers Association.

Thank you for your time

Marek Kuzlik

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