A story about wedding photography in Coventry.

  Find a Wedding Photographer Featured Badge As you know in this blog you can find many things about wedding photography not only in Coventry, wedding inspirations, wedding stories I have created in the past, some tips for photographers. This time, I’ll take you back to 2016. To the summertime, when a young couple came to MK Wedding Photography with an interesting idea for their wedding day at Coventry town centre. It will be a wedding story with Coventry in the background. It will be a love story which happened only once in my career. So, some of you may treat it as an inspiration for your wedding day in the future. Photographers may get some inspirations for the future wedding photo sessions in the Coventry area.

wedding photography in Coventry

  The first thought when you are getting married in Coventry is Coventry Registry Office. Where many couples are getting married every single year. And on this occasion was the same. Mr and MRS after their morning preparations… (I have to write a post about bride preparations in the nearest future) have moved to the Registry Office, for their wedding ceremony. Before they came in, their wedding photographer was at the place. It was a small wedding ceremony, so they have decided on the Library Room instead of Black Prince Room, which is the most spectacular! and gives more opportunities for a wedding photographer.  Coventry registry office by coventry wedding photographer   Usually, after the wedding ceremony at the office, I take some portrait of newlyweds at the back side of the registry office. (a photo below), and then we go to a hotel or other wedding venue located near or in Coventry. This time My couple wanted to create a beautiful photo story in Coventry. So, let’s start the wedding photography in Coventry… Just after the wedding ceremony, we had a little session at the back yard of the Cov. Office. Some natural shots with ambient light. No posing but some guiding, the rest is on my couples side. This one was very relaxed, and they were happy to play in front of MK Wedding Photography’s cameras.  A couple of word about the photo below.  St Mary’s Guildhall, Bayley Ln, Coventry CV1 5RN. I would say the heart of Coventry town centre. Not always you can visit St Mary’s Guildhall. We were lucky because the staff is very friendly to wedding couples, and we got permission. Thank you for that! For those who never have been there. I have to say that this is a dark place. For photographers, it means – hard condition to take a nice photo 🙂  But I had my speedlites wit me. As long as I remember I have used 2 flashes… but I might be wrong. It was 2016. 

Wedding photography Coventry


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