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Wedding photos in Coventry.

Who from the residents of Coventry does not know where the Registry Office is? I believe most of us are aware that one from the oldest buildings in Coventry is the place where every single year a couple of hundreds of couples says there “I do”. Coventry Registry Office – rear garden Those, who get married at The Black Prince Room, which is the biggest wedding ceremony room at The Coventry Registry Office may see the most popular place in our city for wedding photography. Rear garden, and about that a little garden I’m going to tell you a little bit more. coventry registry office wedding photography in coventry west midlands wedding photographer at coventry registry office rear garden at coventry registry office, wedding photography weddings at Coventry registry office    

MK Wedding Photography  – wedding photo sessions

As I mentioned before. The rear garden at Coventry registry Office is the most popular place for wedding photography in Coventry. All MK Wedding Photography’s wedding couples have a little photo session at the place. What we have here?  For many pedestrians who walk through nothing.  For a wedding photographer from Coventry? A magical place with a great background and generally many great opportunities to create outstanding photos. 

Where to shoot?

Well, we have a “bridge” – how it’s called. I would say a small footbridge in not so good condition. And all brides and groom ask for this specific place. And to meet my couples requirements, I photograph them on the footbridge. I found some really good positions to show on my outstanding photos how beautiful the place might be. Definitely, good selection of lenses is very helpful at this specific place. Lighting condition plays the main role on the bridge. Sometimes is nearly impossible to take a great photo, sometimes the sun position is just perfect. And on this occasion, I do not need to use extra flashes to balance ambient light. wedding photography at the registry office in coventry wedding portrait in coventry's registry office confetti photo at coventry registry office by mk wedding photography registry office in coventry wedding photography

Where else to take photos in the garden?

I covered in the previous paragraph “the bridge” but it is the last place where I go. Usually, I start from the big, old wooden door. The exit door for all wedding couples who are getting married in The Black Prince Room. Traditionally, I start from confetti photos. The next step is family photos and finally, I take the bride and groom for a little journey into MK Wedding Photography’s world. Simple, and easy photo session, as much natural, as possible. Fun time in front of my cameras. The time where you have a chat and I do my job. Good job with an amazing effect at the end. Another great place is the gate… 

What equipment?

To be honest, the cameras aren’t so important. Nearly all of them has a similar specification. I use Nikon cameras and selection of Nikon’s and Sigma lenses. And lenses and good position give outstanding effects. At the rear garden of the Registry Office, I’d love to use telephoto lens 70-200mm with a large aperture 2.8  It allows me to photograph from a distance and achieve a nice blurred background. Everybody loves that. I also use Sigma 35mm f1.8
Where to find more?
It is easy to find me – MK Wedding Photography on the top Google page. I’m also on Instagram and Facebook mk wedding photography based in coventry west midlands wedding ceremony at coventry registry office

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