Wedding photography in Warwickshire

Warwick House and Chesterton Windmill

by MK Wedding Photography

Warwick House. A wedding venue in Southam, Warwickshire. A popular place for weddings located around 10 min drive from Chesterton Windmill, where I photographed and write in the past. You can have a look into older blog posts. You will find a backstage movie from August 2018 wedding photo session.  

Wedding ceremony at Chesterton Church, Warwickshire.

Cold and windy day at the beginning of February. A little village in the middle of Warwickshire called Chesterton. From a little hill where the Church is located, I could see my next step – Chesterton Windmill.  The bride came around 30 min late. The church hasn’t got any kind of heating. The temperature was close to zero Celcius degrees. Was cold but we had some hot chocolate 🙂 Perfect for the situation. OK, The bells on the Church’s tower have started ringing, the vicar asked everybody to stand up… and the bridal party slowly started walking down the aisle. We have started. The intimate wedding ceremony in a beautiful environment. Perfect lighting and finally perfect photos captured by me – one from West Midlands wedding photographers.  

The next step – Wedding photography at Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire.

Below you will find a couple of photos from our short wedding photo session at the windmill. I think it was just over 10 minutes of playing with my wedding couple. But this short period of time allowed me to capture a lot of really creative photos. Epic place in Warwickshire where many wedding photographers from Warwick and sounding area regularly visit with their couples. I based in Coventry which is not far away from my place but I do not know why I discovered Chesterton Windmill in the last year.   In the past, I photographed many weddings in Warwick area, and I never took my wedding couples until August 2018.  

Wedding day at Warwick House, Southam, Warwickshire

It was my first time… when I had an opportunity to photograph at this great Warwickshire wedding venue. Warwick House in Southam. I came to the venue a couple of minutes before my bride and groom and I had a chance to have a chat with the staff. Very lovely people! Generally very positive feeling and many natural wedding photos with a touch of creativity. I would like to invite you to view a little gallery from the day at Warwick House, Chesterton Windmill, and the wedding ceremony at the church in Chesterton village. Just scroll down and enjoy photos of one from the best wedding photographer in West Midlands.      

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