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i do not like my wedding photod “My wedding was in May, I’ve just received my wedding photos from “.I don’t give you the name of the photographer.” and I started crying. This is a disaster. The photos are awful. What should I do now?”– That’s what I read this morning on Facebook. Frustrated lady complains about bad wedding photos.  I’m Marek Kuzlik Wedding Photography based in Coventry, West Midlands and in this post, I’ll tell you how to avoid those situations or just reduce the risk. I’ll tell you how I explain all my wedding couples what we can expect and I mention one situation when my wedding couple complained about photos.  

Why we can get bad wedding photos?

There is no one specific answer to that question. There are many factors which may cause that kind of problems. It can be a bad photographer without experience or what is worse, without basic knowledge about the equipment and lighting he or she uses. Unfortunately, that is true, and I have some experience like that with my previous second shooters. The portfolio presented to a wedding couple might belong to someone else or could be created on a wedding workshop where professional models were posing to the photos. Where the master photographer has chosen the place and if needed lighting. 

True story from MK Wedding Photography’s life,

In 2016, I was dealing with a couple who were looking for a wedding photographer in West Midlands. We had a meeting with a really good chat about their wedding day. I never force couples to book me as their wedding photographer and the same story was at the time. After the meeting, I heard from my potential clients – WE WILL LET YOU KNOW” and a couple of days later I have received an email with info that the couple has decided for someone else. What is unusual, the couple has explained reasons. The main one was the price, and the other photographer offered more wedding photos. OK, fair enough.

What happened next?

Around 3-4 months after their wedding, I have received another email from the couple. They asked me for a meeting, without explaining to me what the reason was. It was late autumn, so it wasn’t a problem to find free time for them. They came to me with a USB stick (well, no comment on it,) and something that looked like… “newspaper” – it was their dreamed wedding photo album.

Wedding photos – what was wrong

The couple has presented photos to me. Their photographer offered more photos than me. From full-day coverage, she or he has finally delivered less than 600 photos. That’s less than me 🙂 The funny thing was, that the couple has received around 400 photos in coulour, the rest 200 were the copies converted to b&w.  Editing on a very basic level and very bad lighting. Portfolio of that photographer presented really good photos. The final effect no really.

“The newspaper” – dreamed photo album.

I’ll comment on it shortly. Here is the link to real, premium photo albums which will not disappoint you – ALBUMS, click here 


Well, I couldn’t help them. The couple has asked me if I can re-edit all the photos but I had to refuse. SImple, not my photos, not my problem. That lovely couple had a chance a couple of months before when they have arranged a meeting with me. The couple were very close to booking me as their wedding photographer but they have decided to “save” a little bit. When they met me the first time, I presented them with real wedding galleries from the wedding venue they were going to get married. I explained in details what and where we can do. And, I mentioned what lighting condition we may have on the day and how it may affect the photos. I offered a couple of other options in case if the condition won’t be great. Unfortunately, for the couple… instead, of a great wedding photo story, they have now big disappointment. Bad photos and poor quality “photo album” – but I shouldn’t call it like that. The couple has told me that during the meeting with another photographer, they didn’t talk about the details which I mentioned before. As the photographer said to them, “everything will be perfect” – as you could read, wasn’t.
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A great sample of a wedding portrait of the bride and groom took at Rock Lane in Coventry in June this year by MK Wedding Photography. A natural, simple shot with off-camera flash to balance the light.


I am not happy with the images – West Midlands Wedding photographer’s advice.

Make sure you are going to book the right person.

Is choosing a wedding photographer is an easy thing. Me, as a wedding photographer from West Midlands, can say NO. I won’t give you any personal details but I will have any specific person in my mind. In the text above, I have described to you the real situation, where the qualifications of the photographer were at a low level.  Anyway, is the expensive photographer may deliver photos which you can see in their portfolio? In my opinion, not always. Are photographers during an initial meeting with a wedding couple are happy to mention that? Not always.  So, what you can expect after the wedding day? Not always that what you have seen in the portfolio. How does MK Wedding Photography deal with it? I am not happy with the images – West Midlands Wedding photographer’s advice is simple. Talk to your potential wedding photographer. Tell him/her what you are expecting. You can show sample photos which may help clarify if there will be a possibility to create something similar or even better.  I do not talk about traditional wedding portraits but about more creative compositions which should WOW you and your family. Simple, traditional wedding photos is easy to achieve but if you are looking something more… like in my case, in some conditions is really difficult to achieve than what I or my couple expects. And it is appropriate to tell your wedding couple at the first meeting. What you can do, what can’t.  Often, my clients ask me if we can arrange sunset photos. They look beautiful and have a specific climate. If you are getting married in the middle of the town, where is no open space? It is understandable we won’t be able to do this. And I’m happy to tell that. A always believe that my clients understand that… I can offer to travel a little bit with my couple to meet their requirements but the decision is on their side.
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How to avoid bad photos or how to reduce risk?

To be honest always is a risk that something will go wrong. The main reasons might be a failure to the photo equipment. That’s why it is good to have buck up camera, flashes and lenses. That’s what can be easily avoided. It is good to ask a question to a photographer if he or she has buck up. Another, the worst point is a photographer and his/her knowledge about general photography. It may be a case when the photographer has a great, modern equipment worth many thousands of pounds but the knowledge is on the low level. It is good if you will ask to see a full gallery of a wedding day. Maybe it will be good to have a look at 2 full wedding days. It will give you a clear vision of what the photographer may create for you. As the final point, your wedding photographer based in Coventry, West Midlands may say – READ YOUR CONTRACTS with a photographer and ASK QUESTIONS it will reduce stress and disappointment at the end. mk wedding photography - wedding photographers west midlands  

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