Which wedding venues in Coventry and the surrounding area are nice for wedding photos?

Wedding Venues in Coventry and Warwickshire

Coventry and Warwickshire, place where I live, the place where I have started my career as a wedding photographer, the place which inspires me, the place which inspires others to have their the most important day – the wedding day in this beautiful region.The region which conceals beautiful wedding venues located close to the crowded urban centres and those spread around on calm and silent countryside. You will find here a short presentation of a few of them which in my opinion are good for wedding photography.        

Ansty Hall

Ansty hall in the lens of Mk Wedding photography

I’ve been at Ansty Hall a couple of times and I like this venue not only because is located a couple of minutes drive from my home but because of a great location. As a wedding photographer who loves to use a nice landscape in the background of wedding portraits, this specific Coventry’s wedding venue gives a lot of different opportunities. All available a couple of steps from the main entrance.   photos inside: 6 out 10  |  photos outside: 8 out 10 |  general 7 out 10


Ashton Lodge

Ashton Lodge, Warwickshire

Some time ago I was photographing at this venue quite often. Always with great pleasure. Big green area and tall trees give a fantastic background for wedding photos.  Always I had many opportunities for natural, creative and traditional wedding photos. photos inside: 8 out 10  |  photos outside: 8 out 10 |  general 8 out 10 


Coombe Abbey Hotel

Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry

I think, most people live in Coventry, knows Coombe Abbey. Maybe not the hotel but park and gardens and maybe the bridge near the entrance to the hotel. Those indicated photos are the most popular for photos, not only wedding photos. I would say if you are going to say “I do” at Coombe Abbey you will have nice photos. The background is great. All depends on how much time and how big distance a wedding couple wish to walk. Just outside the West terrace, we have something that looks like a French garden. For most of the couples main place for photos. I always try to take my couples from the venue a little bit further… to get that what my wedding couples want. photos inside: 7 out 10  |  photos outside: 9 out 10 |  general 7 out 10 


Nailcote Hall

Nailcote Hall

The other side of Coventry offers another nice place to celebrate your wedding day. The Nailcote Hall with a golf course which is the key point if we are talking about photography. The perfect thing is that every single couple gets a buggy to travel around with a photographer. Nice green area with many old big oak trees. I think everybody may like it. photos inside: 7 out 10  |  photos outside: 9 out 10 |  general 8 out 10 



St mary’s Guild Hall

wedding photographer coventry

St Mary’s Guild Hall, small, very old wedding venue in Coventry. I like this venue because I always can discover something new. The place isn’t easy to photograph but if a photographer knows what to do, can create outstanding photos. The venue located is next to the ruins of the gothic cathedral, which gives even more opportunities for quality photos. Check my blog for more about the hall. photos inside: 6 out 10  |  photos outside: 8.5 out 10 |  general  8 out 10 


Windmill Village Hotel

The Windmill Village Hotel located next to busy A46 towards Birmingham Airport. Unfortunately 🙂 every single time what MK Wedding Photography was at the venue, the air temperature was always high and there were no clouds on the sky. Great for celebration, a little bit worse for photos. But, Why this venue is on my list? Because of the golf course and lakes. The access to the fields is limited but it is understandable. Anyway, I am always happy to photograph at the Village Hotel. photos inside: 5 out 10  |  photos outside: 8 out 10 |  general 6 out 10 


Shustoke Farm, Shustoke

In the past couple of years, I’ve seen many wedding venues but this one “WOW” me the most. It was late Autumn last year, Weather as usual but I felt that the day will bring a lot of nice photos. Inside the barn, I was able to find great light and the most photos I took there were without support of off-camera flash (Beside night photos) Outside, a little aisle with trees and lights on them, a large old wall made from bricks, where my groom was hiding when smoking a cigar. Just great place, and… if you are getting married at Shustoke Farm Barns, please invite me there. I’ll do a great job for you 🙂 photos inside: 9 out 10  |  photos outside: 8 out 10 |  general 9 out 10 



Laura Ashley Hotel

Laura Ashley Hotel, when MK Wedding Photography photograph a wedding there the hotel had a different name. The Chase Hotel. I’ve been there only once but I had a very positive feeling. The hotel is in Coventry, close to Coventry’s Airport and offers many nice “features” for photographers. The main hall inside with big. decorative staircase. I loved. Outside some green areas. photos inside: 5 out 10  |  photos outside: 6 out 10 |  general 6 out 10 



Coventry Registry Office

west midlands wedding photographer at the Coventry registry Office

Well, Black Prince Room, well known for many people from Coventry and West Midlands. A very old building gives generally nice photos. The best registry office that MK Wedding Photography has worked in. Across my website, you can find a lot of outstanding photos from this venue. photos inside: 8 out 10  |  photos outside: 8 out 10 |  general 8.5 out 10 


I will add more venues in Coventry very soon.

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