Wootton Park – unusual wedding venue in Warwickshire.


Unusual wedding story at Wootton Park.

  July 2017. I would say it was log time ago because since that time I have photographed a lot of weddings across West Midlands and Warwickshire…but let’s back to beginning of summer 2017. At that time, I had a pleasure to photograph a wedding day at beautiful Wooton Park. A wedding venue located in Warwickshire’s countryside. It was the first occasion to photograph at this venue…not the last. It was special day. It was the day when the bride has decided to do not walk down the aisle but come on the boat. it was kind of surprise for her future husband, and all guests who came on the wedding ceremony. Only lovely staff of Wootton park, and photographer were aware of it 🙂  So, imagine… Nice weather, very warm, sunny day. Everybody was ready for entrance of the bride and her 2 bridemaids. Dad of the bride has been asked to wait for her at the little gate, just behind the stage. He hasn’t been aware what happen in the minute also. We had a song in the background, and? Nothing. Everybody was looking back. Everybody was looking for a bride but nobody was coming 🙂 It took a couple of minutes 😮 And finally, someone spotted a little boat in the middle of the lake. The bride and two bridemaids slowly swam towards us (as you can see on photos below). After many weddings since that time, I can say, that it was the most spectacular bride entrance of the bride I have ever photographed.  In this year, I will back to Wootton Park  again. If the bride will decide to use boat? I don’t know. Maybe this time will be another surprise 🙂 Please have a look on a little gallery from the day below. For those who wish to see more work from one from the best wedding photographer in Warwickshire click here.

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Spectacular entrance of the bride, and her hard working team.


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