Wedding photography at Coombe Abbey Hotel

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It was spring earlier this year, the first really warm days of the year, green new leaves around, and as long as I remember a lot of squirrels in the hotel’s car park. That was the beginning of full-day coverage at one of the most famous wedding venues in Coventry – Coombe Abbey Hotel.

Most of the locals know this place from the beautiful parks around the hotel and the huge amount of ducks, gooses, and swans in the lake near the hotel. Well, becoming a wedding photographer, you will have a chance to visit the hotel and discover a little bit more about this place. The hotel is closed to the public.  

Bride and bridesmaids’ preparation

Was quite early, something like 9 a.m when I knocked on the biggest room in the Hotel. I was always impressed by this room.

I met there a lot of people, including the bride of course. Great lighting in the room thanks to the tall windows made my life very easy. I did not have to look after good light, I had it! So, my work was to find the best frames.

The atmosphere in the room was fantastic. I love to work with people, especially if do what I asked for  In the beginning, I asked all of the people “to ignore me” – and there were

This morning I took much more photos during the preparation than usual because all the time something was going on around. And I love it. It keeps me focused and ready to capture nearly everything.

All the couples who already use MK Wedding Photography are aware that I see a lot and can capture it. Which is another reason why I am the only photographer in the Coventry area approved by The Masters Photographers Association.

  Ceremony The ceremony took place not at the Coombe Abbey Hotel but at the local church where I photographed a few years ago. That’s why I did not ad many photos from the ceremony. In this post, we are focusing on Coombe Abbey Hotel.

Wedding Photos at Coombe Abbey Hotel

We had a limited time for photos at the West Terrance. There was another small wedding and we had something like 45 min for all the family and group photos.

Evening party and the biggest cake

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